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breadhead vs Devon_boy - Protectorate Solos

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  • breadhead vs Devon_boy - Protectorate Solos

    At long last the smack talk/WIP thread for...

    breadhead vs Devon_Boy
    Theme: Protectorate of Menoth Solos (2 each!)
    Voting: Thread
    Finish Date: August 31st, 2012
    Gallery: New Gallery

    Who will triumph out of these two new contenders?

    It should be noted that Devon_Boy is already pushing to the limits of theme acceptability by choosing to paint filthy Mercenary scum :cheeky:

    Who will be the first to post WIP shots!
    Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?

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    hmmm Crusty Loaf or Devon Cream Tea?
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      Ha Ha Mercenary's rock!

      Cant post any wip's until Sunday though working all this weekend but then I have a whole week off


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        Jus posted some wip's in my wip thread


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          Looking good so far.
          No wip shots from me yet, I have made a start though and will try and get some pictures up soon.

          As of tomorrow I get my painting room back as the wee one will be in her own room.
          This vastly increases my chances of getting these finished in time
          Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?


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            I know the feeling what was meant to be my painting now has bikes washing toys and clothes and me in there to:fret


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              No WIP shots but I am pretty close to finishing these two, how you getting along Devon_boy?

              The Reclaimer has been a real PITA. His arms have fallen off about 5 times and I managed to knock him over and snap the end off his Cinerator earlier today. I then snapped the drill bit off trying to pin it back together

              I'm hoping to get these finished tomorrow, along with the Vanquisher and pSevvy I've been painting at the same time.
              Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?


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                Sorry to ask but is it possible with you to get an extension just been mega busy the last 4 days pulling extra shifts at work and will be up to sunday would only need a week or so I will let you decide but will understand if you say no.

                Cheers Kevin


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                  That's fine with me, I've had a nasty week too and progress has stalled.
                  Will probably get these finished over the weekend but take as long as you want. I think it's more about getting the miniatures finished than when they get done by!
                  Are you saying Grade A, or Grey Day?


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                    Cheers should be no longer than end of next week will try and push it for sooner than that


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                      Breadhead & Devon_boy, what's the status of this challenge?
                      "what color did you use, red with a black wash?"
                      Current size of lead mountain: 3619. Painted: 743