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Voting! Cage match of four

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    Well, since there is no mechanic to incorporate 4 people, this was simply a friendly match to add some motivation to finish various minis. You get no ladder love. Nice try though!

    @Demonn. If I never have to look at that IP spreadsheet again it will be too soon. Between three to five different judges who may or may not submit score cards each round, three categories, and over 100 people to start, it was a bit of a nightmare. Plus WAMP seems to paste cells better than WYRD. But then again I'm not trying to paste 20x100+ cells.


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      Sparks, Congrats! It was a fun excuse to get the model painted. One more model down in my Super Dungeon Explore set! Woot! Even though I came in last, I'm not entirely unhappy with my painting on the model, but I do know things I can try to improve on the next one. Thank you for all the comments.
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        Congrats Sparks and thanks to you all for a fun contest, gave me an excuse to push myself with a delicately detailed mini. Very surprised I didn't come last, have to go and check the scores...
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