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Voting! Cage match of four

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  • Voting! Cage match of four

    Please vote x/10 for your favorite of this friendly four way cage match. Thank you!





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    A copy and pastable score card for your conveninece



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      let's kick this off...

      Wag: 8/10
      Pete: 7/10
      Sparks: 9/10
      VC: 7/10

      this will be fun to watch how it ends

      good luck chaps!
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        Wag: 7.5/10 I like the hairnet, thread details, and face.
        Pete: 7.5/10 I like the color choices. The eyes throw it off a little for me.
        Sparks: 8/10 I would probably bump this up if I could see some close-ups.
        VC: 7/10 A clean style that fits the mini. Would like to see a little variation in color. Nice use of washes, especially on the chain.
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          Any more votes?
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            I'd wait for Norm and PK to see this
            The best thing my mates & I have done:

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              Waghorn41: 6.5
              Neatpete: 7
              Sparks: 7.5
              Vegascat: 6.5
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                Waghorn: 6.5 - A quite clean job, with decent colour choices. The hairnet stands out as the best part, some other textures are a little crude. Some more work on the base would have improved it a lot.
                Neatpete: 7 - Clean work, and a very effective colour scheme. The contrast on the blue cloth is too high in comparison with the rest, which looks a little weird.
                Sparks: 7.5 - The blending on the robes looks superb. The base could have used some more painting to get it to the same level. Better pictures would have done this more justice, and probably have improves my score.
                Vegascat: 6.5 - Very clean work, but perhaps a little basic in comparison with the others. I like the purple shading on the red. The whole model could have used a little brighter highlights, though.
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                  Waghorn41: 7/10 Wags PJ's are good clean works nothing over complicated just good solid work.
                  Neatpete: 7.5/10 good solid signature piece from Pete
                  Sparks: 9/10 this is my fav and also pretty much an idea I had ages ago for Redbox minis comp
                  Vegascat: 7/10 Horrible model but the PJ suits its cartoon style just didnt grab me.


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                    They're all so lovely! Great work, everyone! If voting hasn't closed...

                    Waghorn41: 7.5/10 Lovely colors. I really like the way you painted the hairnet! The detailing is lovely!
                    Neatpete: 8/10 Nice clean lines, and that expression just makes me smile every time I see it! So much fun! Great use of the blue and rust- I like that combo
                    Sparks: 8.5/10 Great composition. I love the terrain and the blue is especially well done! Lovely highlighting!
                    Vegascat: 7.5/10 He's just so adorable! I like the bright colors- they really suit the sculpt!

                    NeatPete gets an extra gold star for the copy-paste help!


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                      Vegascat: 6
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                        Wag - 7.5 I don't expect you will admit it but your painting is improving loads lately (is there a Viagra that targets painting skills)?

                        vegas - 7.5 Nice smooth PJ but the contrast could be pushed much further. Saying that it's just a friendly so you very likely knew that :)

                        Neat Pete - 8 love the expression. 0.5 lost for the wonky line down the front of the shield (I know it's picky but you are at a level where picky is all I have.

                        Sparks - 8.5 lovely PJ. The composition works well and the base work too. My only critism would be the photographs. The lower figure at certain angles gets lost against the black background. The dramatic effect is nice but only really works for the top guy.
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                          Thank you all for your votes and comments! I would also like to thank my fellow three contestants who participated in (to my knowledge) WAMP's first EVER four way, friendly cage match!!

                          Without further ado, the winner, by way of TKO on the second page.....

                          Congrats sir!

                          Until next time, may your ladders be tall and your rungs be wide.

                          Wag Vegas NeatPete Sparks
                          7.5 7.5 8 8.5
                          6 6 7 8
                          8 7 7 9
                          7.5 7 7.5 8
                          6.5 6.5 7 7.5
                          6.5 6.5 7 7.5
                          7 7 7.5 9
                          7.5 7.5 8 8.5
                          56.5 55 59 66 Total
                          7.0625 6.875 7.375 8.25 AVG


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                            why weren't your spreadsheets during Iron Painter so clear?

                            congrats to Adam! and all the contestants!

                            and a word of the wise: never cross your swords in a devil's fourway!
                            The best thing my mates & I have done:

                            Me on Putty&Paint


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                              Wahoo! Cheers for all the votes everyone! Now I can sell it as a 'competition winning piece,' mwahaha!

                              Haven't looked at the ladder in years, should be interesting to see what that actually does to my score...