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WAMP2011 - The aftermath

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  • WAMP2011 - The aftermath

    Well the dust is settling on our first live event and what an event we had!

    WAMP2011 was held at Maelstrom Games excellent 'Eye of the Storm' venue. With a store (full of cracking products at cracking prices!) a bar and and gaming areas it has plenty to offer as a venue.
    Registration opened at 11am and a steady stream of competitors entered their pieces into the contest. It was great to see many pieces in real life after seeing them online. You really can't beat seeing peoples work in the flesh.

    While registration was going on there were plenty milling around looking at the entries in so far or catching up with online friends.
    Once registration was complete judging could begin. In total there were 99 entries and the standard was fantastic, higher than we anticipated and the range of subject was wide. We had everything from Space Marines, large scale busts, through to comedy dioramas and flats. It really showcased the wide ranging appeal we have on Wamp.

    Judging was carried out by a high quality team. Rob Cardiss (Demonherald) was chief judge and created the judging guidelines using his experience as a Golden Demon Winner. We also had Slayer Sword winner Nigel Carmen judging and the final member was Robin Snelson, a highly respected judge with experience of judging at Euro Militaire and other high class events. Mike & Alison McVey were also due to judge but a last minute emergency meant they couldn't attend but passed on their apologies.

    Having such an experienced team of judges and painters meant we gained a very balanced approach to the judging. The system was based around the open system meaning every entry was giving a score with high scorers receiving Gold , Silver or Bronze certificates.
    Judging was done to a high standard with some pieces receiving lower awards than they gained at Euro Militaire or Golden Demon.
    Around 20 entries were awarded a certificate with only 4 golds given out, so it really was an achievement to receive something!

    Once judging was complete each entry received the actual judging score sheets so competitors could see what the judges thought of their piece. This was widely welcomed by the entrants.

    While the judging was going on people took the opportunity to meet and greet with others or to take advantage of the demonstrations taking place. Golden Demon winner Scott Hockley was on hand to give advice and showcase his painting abilities.

    The Basement team put on a cracking display with some stunning pieces as well as practical demonstrations of their techniques.
    Many attendee's welcomed the chance to see work from a slightly different genre than they are often used too.

    Most people also took this opportunity to venture out for food or down to the bar or go splash the cash in Maelstrom's store downstairs.

    Maelstrom had even put some of their previously unseen Banelegions in the store specially for us. The upcoming releases looked great and it was nice to see the stunning paint jobs first hand.

    Once the scores were sorted it was time to present the awards.
    The winners were:
    International Online Category - Roman Lappat (Jar)

    Diorama/ Duel - Robert Lane

    Large Scale - Adrian Hopwood:

    Group/Unit - Hedley Coppock

    Monster Vehicle & Maelstrom BaneLegions Winner - Adam Parkhouse (sparks)

    Single Figure, People's Choice and Best In Show - Scott Hockley (Iacton)

    All in all it was a well attended contest with a fantastic standard. The general consensus seemed to be of a well liked event which gives me a great basis to build on this for next year.

    I already have plans!!

    Thankyou to everyone that took the time to attend the event, it really means a lot to me.

    For more photos from the event (and every entry!) - WAMP2011 Photos

    Until next year


    Oh and I brought only one mini on the day......

    (Thanks to Martyn Dorey and Roger Bunting for the images)
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