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    Now the dust is settling I though I would open up this thread for anyone that would like to leave and feedback on the event - whether its positive or negative.
    As will most things done for the first time there are always things that can be improved on and gaining feedback from those that attended is very helpful. SO please let me know what elements you lied or dis-liked. Whether there are other things you would like to see for next years event.


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    Well, overall, I thought it was a fun day out. I think that numbers wise it would have been nice to have seen a few more new faces although it was rather warm, so more peeps would have required more ventilation. The venue itself (ventilation aside) was ideal and the work that had gone into the scoring system, trophies and such was above and beyond the call of duty.

    A couple more demos on the go on the day and/or more displays, like the always excellent turn out from Adrian, Robin and the Basement guys would have helped on the eye candy side of things.

    It had a bit of a "loose" 1st event feel to it at times that showed plenty of promise. I think that perhaps Brett needed a bit more help at times, help with what exactly, I'm not sure, but the poor chap looked mostly flustered and I very much doubt that enjoying the day started until a few pints into the evening!
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      Firstly thanks for putting on such a wonderful event. It was nice to see so many wonderful pieces and chat to some of the other painters whose work i have admired afar.

      The only criticism i could make would be regards to the turn out which i feel could've been better.

      I wasn't sure whether there were any demonstrations happening, but Scott did seem to have quite a congregation around his table at one point, perhaps there could be arranged small workshops/demos for future in a structured way ?

      It was a shame that Mike couldn't get there due to family matters, as he's someone i've wanted to meet for a while.

      Congratulations to all those that picked something up, it was nice meeting you :)


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        I enjoyed it, there could have been some more displays and workshops, and I have to hold my hand up and apologise for SI not being there. We're in a flux of changing stuff with the group, so this got side tracked, and we decided to not attend as a group, until we're back to normal. We will do next year's show.

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          thanks guys, appreciate the comments. Yes the demo's do need to be more structured - the suffered a little due to baby and me just running out of time and energy a little, it all kind of went into the contest. I do have some more plans for next year to provide more content while judging takes place.

          Attendance wasn't massive but then we are not a really well known site (and most of Wamp live abroad) I think contests have to get a reputation and that comes from people wanting to win at them and that was one of the main targets. I wanted folks to be happy they won and for what they won to be nice. People seemed happy with the trophies and certificates?
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            Nothing inherintly wrong about the event. Just as others have mentioned there could be more demos and displays but that's part of building up the event I guess. Spreading the word around the forums a bit more ealier, and now that we've got the inaugral one done it will be easier to give some idea as what to tell people. I think a second photographer would help if numbers increase. For the after show publicity maybe photos of the winners collecting their trophies. Overall the event was a great start.
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              I really enjoyed the day and like the maelstrom venue with the bar, shop and other facilities, but was sad to see they had changed the room layout from my last visit. The huge static tables didn't lend itself to people having a easy walk around or a good view of the demos. I think the contest was brilliant and IMHO I think we saw some of the best painted miniatures that English painters have produced in the last year. This obviously drove the standard very high which was a pleasure to see. I can't imagine being able to get as close to them for a good look at other events so that was really good. I know that Mike had his reasons for cancelling and this made the judges one light but I think a few more might help next time and maybe have category specific judges all being overseen by a head judge. I know I joked about them taking their time but I think they did a stellar job. I think maybe they could start earlier and continue through the entry cut-off time and on until the end, this way information could start to pass to the admin and certs could be started earlier so there is now big rush at the end.

              Attendance was low but there could be a few reasons for this, heat, Footie, Cricket, No other sellers be present, but personally I think it made for a slightly better, more friendly show, everyone got a chance to speak to everyone else which was brilliant.

              More structure to the demo's would be good, maybe a set starting time and pre defined subjects would help here. Also if they didn't cross over each other.

              I think next time we really need to WAMPIFY the whole room. Banners, Posters, Visitor packs, the whole she-bang!

              Overall a very good day and considering everything else that was going on with you during the planning I think what you managed to pull off was superb.


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                Sounds like you guys had a great time. Too bad I am across the pond. I was jealous!!!!


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                  Actually I thought it went quite well as a meetup and chance for a in-person chinwag. I didn't really get round to looking at demos or the Basement's stuff for that matter but then I only really went for the people and the shopping.

                  After ferrying all the stuff over to Martyn and back I would like to request that entries consisting of more than one component i.e. squads should be mounted on some form of movement tray as it was a bit of a pain to gingerly balance eight or nine minis at once.

                  I know it was mainly a painty thing but a participation game or two might have gone down well, especially as a few of our members like Precinct Omega have their own systems.

                  For the awards it would have been better, I reckon, to do it in front of the projector and put up a pic of the piece in question so we could all see who won what for what. I was a little hazy on what some of the winning pieces were in the end.

                  Otherwise it was very well done. I'll certainly be there next year if I'm able.
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                    I had fun, it was nice to meet people!

                    I would have liked to get the feedback cards for all my mini's I managed to wait around long enough to get one but I'm a bit shy about actually talking to people about painting and had to go home so didn't get chance to wait around for the rest.

                    Location wise I thought it was good, I've never been to Maelstrom before and the building is beautiful and well laid out, only one female/disabled toilet though (that I could find) :P

                    Demowise I did sit and watch one of the basement guys do some sculpting, maybe some hands-on demos like the basing ones you all did at fiasco last year?

                    Can't wait for next year! Thank you Brett + co, next year I'll try and help out a bit more :)



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                      On the whole a good day, busy but good

                      My thoughts...
                      Hmm, where to start...
                      I know WAMP membership is international but I would have thought a lot more of the UK contingent would have turned up as there was a lot missing including members of PB.
                      Venue was OK for a first event but those large fixed tables didn't do us any favours and didn't help demonstrations either.
                      Choice of day for the event...I originally thought the event was on the 11th June!! Don't know where I got this from but given that on the same weekend as the WAMP event there was the 3 day UK Games Expo in Birmingham and a BMSS/IPMS Show in Salisbury I don't think this helped.
                      Awards...It would have been nice if the certificate winners had been announced so that everybody knew who won what instead of just saying if you have amarking sheet by your figure with a star on it then you have a category certificate of that colour, I got the impression the awards were rushed because people wanted to go on the razz in Nottingham!!!
                      If WAMP is going to have another event next year start advertising it sooner rather than later, there is still a couple of shows that the WAMP Display is attending this year where flyers can be handed out as well as the early shows of next year.
                      I got the impression from some people that they didn't attend because they thought it was a WAMP only event!!

                      I am sure there is more so I shall add to the list when I think/remember them :o)
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                        Well, I had a fantastic time. First off thanks for organising it Brett :)

                        So far as feedback goes, here's my thoughts:

                        Good points:
                        1) It was an open competition- the first that I have attended and I thought it was a fantastic system.
                        2)The scorecards/comments on each mini was a real plus point for the event. It gave everyone the ability to see how the judges came to their descisions and areas for improvement/where you scored poorly. I appreciate that it was quite difficult to get all of this done in time so maybe it's a good idea to have slightly more judges next year to ensure that if you do get a big increase in entries you can still give everyone a scorecard as I think that was one of the best things about the comp.
                        3) The trophies were lovely, and the painting comp standard was high which meant that it was a real achievement to get either a trophy or a certificate.

                        Points for improvement:
                        1) Stuff to do whilst the judging is going on. I agree that it would be good to have some demos with set times and set topics- maybe limit to 8 people per demo-sign up before the event type thing? Maelstrom was a great venue for a first event and I appreciate the plus points of this venue. Once this comp starts getting bigger though, I'd like to see it in a venue where there are lots of traders to keep people entertained during the day.
                        2) I thought the suggestion of putting the relevant mini on the ohp when you're calling out the award (GD style) is a good idea-especially has they had all been photographed and the projector had been set up. This could even be extended to the bronze/silver/gold winners from each category?
                        3) More people. This should improve with time though

                        Well, that's everything I can think of right now. I had a great day (and night) out and will definitely be going again


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                          OK, here goes.
                          Maelstrom was a great venue but the tables were a bit restrictive for moving around.
                          The bar was a great place to have sit and chat - and a beer or two. Great shop too.

                          A more structured approach would help, timetable, directions etc
                          signs for registration, freebies, demos, bar, toilets....

                          The judging was superb but I think they were stretched with the time and number of entries so having judges for specific categories might help.

                          Awards were a bit in the air and I echo what has already been said about having a projected image of the winning entry as the award is made.

                          While I love the venue and wish it was nearer I think one with a clear space for meeting and greeting and then the presentations would be even better.
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                            Apologies i didnt make it down, as other people have mentioned it clashed with a few other events, i was a Expo in Birmingham.

                            I think you'll need to learn to live with Maelstrom's fixed tables, its a gaming venue and i know from a chat with them they have no intention of moving away from bolted down tables. But it should be viable with the correct approach.

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                              I think other people have already said in the main what struck me.

                              Overall I liked it a lot, I liked the venue, good shop, decent bar, good enough lighting, the gaming tables are a bit long but I guess they are for playing Fleetwood Mac Spanish Armada on.

                              It was a shame more people didn't go but there was a good turnout and the awards were cool and people looked pleased to receive them.There were loads of great models and people who came brought lovely work with them, hope they do so again!

                              I really like the judging system and can't give that enough marks in itself, just great.

                              1. We should organise little groups of painters and WIP areas perhaps so people can sit and work and talk about latest projects..the Basement guys had that covered as did PB to an extent but there wasn't a big other focus and it struck me we could have done that (could have suggested it too in advance but it failed to occur to me!). That way we could have demos going on and people getting feedback on projects and current WIPs as well as the comp..would also give a good focus while the judges were doing the business. Perhaps someone on the forum could volunteer to organise each one round a theme or something.
                              2. Display: I know WG didn't bring the display as there was a lot of stuff entered in the contest but there should be more stuff to show next year as people already entered it, so I'd have the display as a focal point for chatting if nothing else (it goes down nicely at shows in my experience).
                              3. Presentations - perhaps do the award bit in the bar so people can gather for applause, speeches and keeling over in a more friendly space
                              4. Perhaps a class for gaming models as individuals as some people paint to game not display and the classes can seem a bit intimidating perhaps
                              5. Have something going on after the awards (maybe a demo or something) to just give a bit of a final to it so people can gather and chat about who won etc before rushing off