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    As Wamp is such an international site and not everyone is able to come to WAMP2011 in person I wanted to still get you folks involved anyway.
    So there will be a special WAMP2011 category known as the 'International Category' sponsored by Offensive Miniatures

    This category will be judged by the WAMP2011 panel on the day of the event with the winner receiving a beautiful Black Onyx Optical crystal award in line with all the other categories.

    The judging panel consists of:
    Mike & Alison McVey - Founders of Studio McVey and award winning painters
    Nigel Carman - Slayer Sword Winner
    Rob Cardiss - Golden Demon Winner and Wyrd Miniatures Studio Painter
    Robin Snelson - renowned International judge
    (and me!)

    This is a great chance to get your work seen by some fantastic painters and bag yourself a lovely award.

    To enter this category you must reside outside the UK Mainland (England Wales or Scotland).

    Category Rules:
    • You must reside OUTSIDE Mainland UK.
    • You must be a Wamp member.
    • You may only enter once.
    • Entries must not have been previously entered into a Wamp contest.
    • This category is not eligible for Best In Show or any other awards outside of this category.
    • Entries will not be giving a judging scoring and thus are not eligible for certificates.
    • Deadline for entries is 2nd June 2011 6pm GMT
    • Each entry may only be presented in a single submission so multiple shots should be placed in a Montage
    • Entries must be no bigger than 800px wide x 2500px high.

    I will not be advertising this category outside of Wamp as it's for all you that made the effort to get here!!
    Don't forget only previous Wamp contest entries are not allowed - you are free to enter anything else even if its been in other contests or even shown on Wamp so pick your best shot and have a go.

    The gallery is open for entries:
    WAMP2011 International Category

    Best of Luck

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