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  • Wamp2011

    4th June 2011
    @ Maelstrom Games, Mansfield, UK
    Opens 11am

    Wamp’s very first off-line event will be focussed around the painting contest. The contest will use an open judging system and feature 7 Categories. Trophies will be awarded to all Category winners and certificates to all entries attaining a bronze, silver or gold mark. Best in Show will also receive a trophy.
    Every entry will also be entered into a free prize draw.

    Other additional prizes are to be announced

    Categories are as follows:

    Best In Show - (Sponsored by Studio McVey)

    1. Single Figure - (sponsored by Gaspez Arts)

    2. Monster/vehicle - (sponsored by Gaspez Arts)

    3. Group - (sponsored by Studio miniatures)

    4. Large Scale - (sponsored by El Greco)

    5. Diorama/Duel - (sponsored by Tor Gaming) - Winner will also recieve one of every Relics blister pack released (excluding starter sets)

    6. Wamplings - (Sponsored by Eastern Front Studios)

    7. International - (Sponsored by Offensive Miniatures)

    A 'people's choice' award will be given on recognition of the piece that receives the most votes from attendees. (Sponsored by Freebooter Miniatures)

    There will also be awards given by Maelstrom Games for the top 3 Bane legion entries. These are awarded in addition to any category prizes and all entries are also eligible for the On-line Maelstrom Games contest running on Wamp Concurrently. Judging will be in conjunction with Maelstrom Games These awards are as followed:
    1. Gold Trophy and £75 credit @ Maelstrom Games
    2. Silver Trophy
    3. Bronze Trophy

    The Judges:
    Mike McVey – Founder Member of ‘Eavy Metal. World renowned painter and miniature designer. Co-founder of Studio McVey
    Alison McVey – World renowned miniature painter. Co-founder of Studio McVey
    Rob Cardiss – Multiple Golden Demon Winner & Wyrd Miniatures Studio Painter
    Nigel Carman – Slayer Sword Winner
    Robin Snelson – Renowned Historical judge & Co founder of The Basement Forum

    Category Descriptions:

    Category 1 .. single miniature
    This category is open to any single miniature up to and including 35mm scale. Any manufacturer, any genre including non-monstrous mounted models . mounted on a suitable sized base. (see base size ruling)

    Category 2 .. Monster and vehicle.
    This category is for the larger sized models and vehicles . Any manufacturer, any genre. Models mounted on monsters are to be entered in this category . If models are mounted on bases they should be of an appropriate size

    Category 3 Group
    This category is for groups of 5 or more miniatures. Any manufacturer, any genre . models DO NOT need to be gaming legal as judges will be basing marks on paint and modelling alone.
    All models need to be mounted on appropriate sized bases. (see base size ruling )

    Category 4 Large scale
    This category is open to larger scale models and busts 36mm and upwards from any genre, any manufacturer.
    Models should be mounted on appropriate sized bases if appropriate.

    Category 5 diorama / duel
    This category is for dioramas vignettes and duels. The models entered can be from any manufacturer and judges will be looking for a strong story element capturing a moment with clever usage of models and scenery.

    Category 6 Wamplings.
    This category is open to all those under the age of 16 . Anything from any of the above categories is eligible and anything goes.
    Judges will be focussing on paint over presentation.

    Category 7 international On-line category .
    This category has been set up to cater for our friends from overseas to allow them to take part in the fun. Entrants are limited to entering only once in this category . they may enter any model or piece eligible for any of the above categories. To enter this category you must be registered as a Wamp member. Entries will be entered via the Wamp Gallery. Entries must not have participated in a previous Wamp contest.
    Please note that the winner from this category will not be eligible for the best in show though will still receive a category trophy.

    A note on base sizes
    The term appropriate base size has been used throughout the category notes . There are no hard and fast rules regarding the size of base used and no model will be disqualified due to base size in any category . It is worth noting in all cases though that the emphasis of the judging will be on the painting of the model itself and base and presentation will account for a small percentage of total marks .

    General Guideline:
    There are no restrictions on manufacturer, genre or scale unless applied to a specific category.
    You may enter each category up to 5 times.
    You will only be eligible for 1 prize per category (though you may receive as many judging awards as you achieve a mark for)
    The Maelstrom Games awards are given in addition to all other prizes and awards.
    You must enter your pieces in person.
    Deadline for entries will be 12 Noon on the 4th June.
    (Deadline for the International on-line category will be the 2nd June 2011 6pm GMT)

    What is the open system?
    The open system of judging differs from the ‘first past the post’ system because it does not limit the number of awards given out. Each entry is scored against a set criteria on things such as painting technique, basing, and overall impression. Entries achieving a high enough score are then given an award. WAMP2011 will give awards of bronze, silver and gold to any entries that achieve the necessary marks. This system is fairer than the first past the post as it rewards all outstanding entries.

    The event opens at 11am with entry deadline at 12noon. Results will be announced between 3-4pm (depending on number of entries)
    Maelstrom Games has an excellent on site store featuring discounted products from a wide range of manufacturers. To view their range visit their site
    Maelstrom also has a fully licensed bar and restaurant on site with free parking.

    As well as the painting contest the event will also feature a number of club displays, workshops, as well as the opportunity to have your miniatures photographed by an ex GW Studio Photographer.

    I really hope you can make it to the event or if your overseas enter the international category that I created to try and get as many Wampers involved as possible.

    I shall post up a copy of the judging guidelines for each category that details what the judges will be looking for and what each aspect is worth points wise.

    If anyone would like to offer their services let me know. Whether it's helping with registration, maybe running a workshop of some sort or getting involved in event sponsorship feel free to contact me.

    If you have any question feel free to ask and of course please help spread the word wherever you can, word of mouth,blogs,twitter,etc!!

    People can access this forum through:

    Let us know if your attending here: Event RSVP


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