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Avatars of War 2011 - Results

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  • Avatars of War 2011 - Results

    Well folks our 3rd annual Avatars of War contest has come to an end and I think its been the best yet. A cracking 29 entries that continue to push the standard on Wamp more and more, it really is a pleasure to see what you folks can do with some animal hair and some pigment!

    Anyway all really want to read about is if you won or not so without further ado I can reveal your winner is :

    From Russia with Love! it's Landreth
    and his fantastic High Elf Lord

    A massive congratulations to him for taking the top spot.

    Just 3 votes were the difference between him and our runner up:
    with his rather nice Goblin King (they do seem to do well in these contests those gobbo kings!)

    Our final winner needs no Dutch courage, its MaGie
    She came to the party with her Bor Dragonbane.

    A worthy set of winners I'm sure you'll agree and they bag themselves 5,4 and 3 Avatars of War Miniatures respectively.

    But! seen as all you other folks to the time to enter your wonderful pieces you all nab yourself a free shipping voucher courtesy of Avatars of War of your next order - I shall contact you all over the next few days with that.

    I hope you've all enjoyed the contest and all thats left is o say the usual thankyous to you all for entering, voting, commenting or even just been here and watching. You guys make these contests the envy of other sites!

    Also a massive thank you to Avatars of War, they produce fantastic minis and are a great bunch of folks that are back on track again. I can heartily recommend their minis if you havent tried them before.

    As always if anyone has any questions feel free to contact me

    If you want to check out the rest of the entries you can here:
    Avatars of War


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