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  • Avatars of War Painting Contest


    It's time to get another contest under-way and it's the turn of Avatars of War. Returning for it's third year, the Avatars of War contest is always one of our most popular due to the fantastic painter friendly miniatures they produce.

    I'm sure you need no encouragement to enter but to sweeten the deal how about a prize or two?

    • 1st - 5 Avatars of War Miniatures
    • 2nd - 4 Avatars Of War Miniatures
    • 3rd - 3 Avatars Of War Miniatures

    The Deadline for entries will be 27th April 2011
    (Supporters deadline will be 30th April 2011)

    The rules:
    • You must be a Wamp Member to participate. Membership is free and you may register here.
    • You may enter as many times as you like but each entry may only submit one photograph so if you need more angles it MUST be a montage.
    • Images must be no larger than 800 pixels wide by 2500 pixels high. (It is your responsibility to check this).
    • any additional photographs of that entry will be removed.
    • All entries must be new work. (New work is defined as any entry not previously displayed on-line in a completed state (You MAY enter pieces which have been shown as a Work In Progress (WIP)).
    • You give Wamp and Avatars of War permission to use your pictures for publicity (but you do retain ownership).
    • You may post pictures of WIP or final shots both here and elsewhere.
    • Judging will be decided by public vote.
    • Submissions must be posted to the Avatars of War album

    You may enter a single miniature,diorama full 300 piece battle scene - whatever you like as long as its inherently Avatars of War.

    Please folks make sure you read the rules (especially the new work one!!)

    I know there have been issues with prizes been delayed in the previous contest. I have asked for the prizes to be sent to me and I shall send them out to the winners.

    So there you are folks. Avatars of War are great mini's to paint so hopefully we can get a good turn out once again and surpass the 16 entries we got last year.

    As always any questions feel free to contact me.

    If you cant get hold of a mini post a thread up - there's probably a few Wampers that can spare one for a little cash or swapsies!

    Avatars Of War Website


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