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    Looking forward to the staff feedback, that's still going to happen isn't it?
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      Originally posted by Spectral Dragon View Post
      Looking forward to the staff feedback, that's still going to happen isn't it?
      No doubt the guys at Mierce Miniatures are very busy, but I'm also still waiting on the feedback...


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        I'm really disappointed that I couldn't enter this one in the end. I did get to make a start on my entry before the life thing happened though, and i'll certainly be revisiting it when I'm a bit able to. :)

        Well done to all the entrants and winners of course, I really enjoyed looking at all the lovely entries earlier. Great stuff! :)


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          there will be another one next year Orki so all is not lost
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            Cool! That'll give all you yokels that paint slower than a backwards-ticking clock a fair chance then. :P

            Actually, I really don't know why I'm starting the smack-talk already. I must be painting slower than Sprouts and Roger at the mo. ie Not at all. :D


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              Things have gone pretty quiet on the prize front. Anyone have any idea when the vouchers for smaller prizes will be issued?



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                I think Maelstrom is very busy with their warehouse move. But an update from Darklord won't hurt, it's been a month anyway.


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                  I havent had any news and to be honest I havent chased on this partly because of the Maelstrom situation and partly I have been chasing my tail. I shall have a word and see if I can get some info. You will get your prizes have no fear.
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                    Hi Guys,

                    sorry it's been a little quiet - I just got back from my vacation with my family. I'm back today (a little jet-lagged but I'm here!). Before I went away I had a million and one jobs to take care of to ensure the production guys could still cast whilst I was away and naturally that took up the bulk of my time.

                    Of course I have come back to another million and one jobs - but I will be taking care of the prize stuff this week. Don't worry, no-one will miss out!




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                      OK I have the details for (check your inboxes for instructions on how to claim your prize)

                      Torlarp Intararangson

                      2nd: Brett Johnson


                      Stéphane Nguyen.

                      Best mood:

                      Gerrie Schenck

                      Most entries, highest overall standard,best warband and most apt setting:

                      Andy Speirs

                      Best base:

                      Adam Parkhouse

                      £5 vouchers:

                      Tobias Cramnell

                      Jason Compton

                      Anyone else that won a prize want to send their details over? Last chance! PM me or Brett


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                        I think I'd prefer my order or a refund on the one I have had outstanding for 3 months.


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                          Nothing in my inbox yet!

                          Andy Speirs


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                            Check your junk mail. On my hotmail account I got an email left in my junk account.


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                              Cheers Sparks. You're right! There it was hidden amongst the PPI claim junk!


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                                Wait! What? you can claim back PPI - why haven't I heard anything
                                Oooh. That's a BINGO!
                                This is grapeshot. This is what it does.