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  • Paintdemic - The Results

    Its been a long road (a bit like the pandemic!) but we have the results!

    Firstly I just want to say a huge thankyou to everyone that took the time to enter or vote. With so much going on for us all its great you took the time to get involved.

    The voting was very tight and in many cases a single vote seperated the winners from the losers.

    So without further ado here we go......

    Best In Show

    Avelorn with his fantastic entry 'Fractured'
    A really eye catching piece of work form an accomplished artist. Well done sir!

    2nd: 10 Ball - Bograth
    3rd: Mako - Skaeth's Wild Hunt
    4th: Smargareto - Northern Wind

    Best Wamp
    Normski - The Adventurer

    Best Twisted
    1st: Madfly - Tinkerbelle
    2nd: Scottradom - Twisted Bobby

    Best Bust
    1st: 10-Ball - Bograth
    2nd: Avelorn - Fractured

    Best Large Scale
    1st Smargerato - Succubus
    2nd Madax - Andy G

    Best Base
    Sparks - Tinkerbelle

    Best Bombshell
    Kilajules - Tara the Blademistress

    Darklords Judgement
    Lydia - Phatkid1966
    (The sheer cloth was great but the face really drew me in, especially those eyes)

    Spot Prizes
    (Picked at random)
    Power Elephant - Smog X Mini
    Kaistur - Darkmessiah Moon
    Khonner - Voernus
    Antisocialska - Rackham Bard

    A huge congratulations to all our winners, especially our Paintdemic Champion; Avelorn.
    Could all the winners please send me a pm with your name and full address.
    Please bear with me for your prizes, some i will be sending, others will be from the sponsors and theres a pandemic on so patience is a virtue in this case!

    Thanks everyone

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    Well earned victory there Avelorn! Congrats to all, it was nice to see all the good work!
    A model what I painted: My WIP thread


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      Awesome work Avelorn, loved your take on that mini! Bit gutted to have missed out on the Twisted minis (who wouldn't be!) but over the moon with best base as it's definitely my favourite base to date!

      Well done to the other winners too and to Brett for organising it all!


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        Congrats to all winners! It seems that my name is mistakenly connected to someone else's work (mine was Shieldmaiden, not Darkmessiah Moon) so you might want to fix that. Not wanting to steal anyone else's credit :)


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          congratulations to all the winners! truly magnificent work, all!


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            Congrats to all the winners. My piece was not named Voernus either.. I don't want to steal anyone else's credit either. Thanks.


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              Congrats everybody. And thanks Brett for organizing this.


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                @khonner and Kaister, those are the names of the prizes youve won not your entries
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                  Congratulations to all, bravo Avelorn


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                    Hi! Wow, very pleasant surprise! Congratulations to all the participants, must have been very close considering the bust result. But I see that Lee graciously conceded without pushing for a recount. ;) Thanks for a nice competition.


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                      My Avatar says it all lol 😝


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                        Yes well done to all especially avelorn, excellent interpretation of the bust.


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                          Congratulations to all winners. Really nice picks. I wanted to say my work was also named wrong but then I read other replys. Thx Darklord for organisimg this event.


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                            congrats to all the winners!
                            The best thing my mates & I have done:

                            Me on Putty&Paint


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                              Attaboy Sven! Wait to go everyone! Thanks DL!
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