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The Rainbow Brush II

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    Looks like the submissions ended up in the gallery for the Wamped VI contest.

    Your picture is in there. I am sure Brett can work some magic to get the pictures moved over. Unfortunately, it looks like the two of us were the only ones submitting anything,


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      Shame. It was a pretty sort timeframe and a tricky theme, hopefully next year's will get a bit more of a run up to it! You've done some cracking entries there, much more on theme than mine! That orangutan is a pretty ace mini too, not seen it before!


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        sorry was ill yesterday Ill double check things later today
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          I have corrected the albums,
          could anyone thats entered make sure their entry shows on the following link:

          if it doesnt go to your photos, edit details and make sure the rainbow brush II is selected under the contest choice. Ill leave it until tomorrow to give you chance to do that then we will open the voting
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            voting is open. Its a straight up shoot out

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              Ok Folks its Results time!

              It was a close run thing with each entry being great in their own right.
              However there can only be one winner and that accolade goes to..............

              Donald Johannason and his entry called 'I can show you the world'

              In 2nd place we had a tie between Donald and Sparks (but as DOnald already plavced it officially goes to Mr Parkhouse.

              In 3rd place we have Rogland.

              Thanks to everyone that entered and voted and congratulatiosn to the winners. It was great to see such diversity on the theme and helping show the world that miniature painters are tolerant to all people.

              WInners I will be in touch in due time.

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                Yay! Thank you!
                Congrats to Sparks and Rogland too. Great work both.

                Too bad there were so few entries. I guess it was a pretty tricky theme to represent in a mini. I had problems finding anything good myself. Most I could find were various soldiers. I had kinda given up on finding anything good when I had the idea of making the Aladdin entry. The figure is actually a monk made by Darksword that I modified a bit to put him in a sitting position.

                The Orangutan bust was actually one that I got as a prize in last year's Rainbow Brush contest.

                Than you Marike for organizing all this and giving us the opportunity to highlight aspects of Muslim culture that might sometimes be overlooked in today’s media. And thank you Brett for handling the online contest. :)
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                  I really liked your entry mate (liked them all of course but yours was my favourite)

                  Next year we will be pushing things from earlier on to allow a bigger timescale,
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                    Congrats to all. Especially Donald. You deserve it, mate!
                    The best thing my mates & I have done:

                    Me on Putty&Paint


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                      Congratulations all!