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Wamped IV - The Results!

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  • Wamped IV - The Results!


    Tick tock tick tock, donnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggg!

    Time is up folks, our painting saga has come to an end for another year and we must now crown our champions.

    Who has taken this years title and who has failed bigger than Napoleons Foreign Policy?

    In the end the battle was pretty close between to entries. At the final count just 3 votes seperated this pair who were well ahead of the pack.

    But alas like Highlander there can be only one and this year that is................


    with his awesome Mr Toad entry (though what happened to Ratty Mole and Badger we don't know!

    Hot on his heels in second was..........

    ANDY G

    with his Hathya Jungle God.

    and the final spot on the podium in 3rd place we have......Corporea with his Astral Ranger.

    Well done to all our winners, especially John for taking top honours.

    As well as our main winners we have a few other prizes to give out.

    The winner of the Wampstore special with his rendition of Wamps own bust Gronk is Sparks

    Our Random entry spot prize goes to Nameless.

    The random voter spot prize goes to Alien Ambassador

    Winners can you all pm me with your Wampstore account name (if you dont have one please register one).

    So there we are folks all done for another year. A bit of a change this year in format but I think it worked well (and a lot easier for me to organise!!).

    A big thankyou to everyone that took part. its really great to see large scale busts go up against 28mm dioramas! thanks to everyone that took the time to vote too.

    only 10 months until Wamped V!!
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    Congrats to Megazord, very well deserved.
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      Excellent John, I hope that's the first prize of many for that chap, congrats to all other winners and of course all other entrants! Cheers guys :)
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        Told you so.

        PM me for this week's lottery numbers
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          John mate thats awesome work congrats on the win mate.

          Congrats to Andy G and Corporea too nice pieces guys, good stuff!!


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            Well done to all the winners!


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              Well done, John. Top three were excellent. blackglove
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                Congrats to all the winners. DL.. is there any way to see if my entries got any votes? Just curious..


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                  Congrats to all the winners. Megazord, your entry was amazing. Definitely a well deserved win. :)

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                    Congrats to the winners!

                    thanks for the contest wamp


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                      Oh wow! There were so many awesome entries! Thank you so much!!!
                      Congrats to everyone! Especially Megazord Man for a truly gorgeous miniature! And thanks so much to Wamp for an excuse to paint!


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                        Congrats to all the winners, great work guys.
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                          Congrats to the winners! Some awesome work there.


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                            congrats to the winners! well done
                            The best thing my mates & I have done:

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                              Well deserved!