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Red Box Games 2013 - Results

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  • Red Box Games 2013 - Results

    Results time folks. Lets see who mastered the tempting sculpts of the human dictionary Mr Tre Manor.

    The Red Box contest always produces some fantastic entries and this year was no exception. We have had a right old ding dong between two heavyweights.


    Its time for the Romp in the Wamp!

    In the end just a single vote seperated our winner from our runner up (and that was after extra time!)

    but coming out on top and Red Box Games Champion for 2013 is............


    Congratulations to our worthy Champion.

    So who did he pip to the post. Who came so close to glory but lost by a nose? Yep you guessed it!


    with his Heroes of the Swamp entry.

    While these two were far out in front our 3rd place winner was equally ahead of the pack. nabbing the final spot on the podium is River with 'practice Time'

    So there we are folks another fantastic contest courtesy of RedBox Games. My thanks as always to you all that participated, voted or just smack talked JKN.

    Mr tre Manor you get our heartfelt thanks for supporting the contest.

    Final thanks go to Big G upstairs for blessing Mr Manor with a magical sculpting beard so we may all enjoy his miniature works of art.

    Winners, pm me your details.

    Until next year........
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    Congratulations to Countersunk and River! Very beautiful works!
    Thanx to WAMP and Tre for contest!
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      Absolutely chuffed, thanks to everyone who voted! The standard was really high and I absolutely love Landreth and River's entries, so I count myself super lucky! And yes, thanks to WAMP and Tre for continuing to put out amzing sculpts for us to work on :)


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        Congratulations for the WİNNER


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          I missed the vote on this one and looking at the quality of the top 3 glad I did. All worthy winners and fantastic PJ's. Well done guys. Also great PJ's by the non winners!
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            Congrats to the winners!

            thanks rbg and wamp for the contest. Got my brushes wet again.


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              congrats to the winners! well done
              The best thing my mates & I have done:

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                Well done guys! Has to be my fav range. Next year!
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                  my 3 favs are winners :) great stuff all around folks!
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                    Congratulation to Countersunk and Landreth! It was a good competition.
                    And thank you all for voting!
                    And, of course, big thanks to organizers for this event. Now I'm looking for the next contests )