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Avatars of war 2013 - Results!

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  • Avatars of war 2013 - Results!

    OK folks, here are the results from the Avatars of War contest 2013.

    The winner and Avatars Champion 2013 is..............

    Solun Decius with his awesome Orc Shaman

    in 2nd place we have.......

    Landreth and his Marauder Champion

    and our final winner in 3rd place is non-other than Nord and his Lord of Pestilence

    Congratulations to our 3 winners and to everyone else that took part,

    our thanks also to all you voters and of course to our sponsors themselves, Avatars of War

    Winners, can you send me your names and addresses via pm please. (But bear with me as I am moving house so no internet for 2 weeks so there will be a delay)
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      Whoa!! Thanks!

      Thanks brushforhire. I thought you'd take it, actually. Your painting on the Dwarf is so clean and detailed and the colors really pop.
      Maybe bases won out on painting this time around (and in my case OSL demagoguery).

      NOT that Landreth and Nord's minis aren't super cool pieces. They definitely are the whole package, so a well deserved congrats to them.

      Just from a painting and color perspective brushforhire's one caught my attention.
      Also the two Elf Mages, but then again I'm a sucker for bright colors :D

      Thanks very much for the contest everyone, and thanks for voting, obviously.


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        Thanks! I really appreciate the kind words. The winners deffinately deserved it! Next time hope to place. We'll see when it comes to the Wyrd contest.

        Your OSL is spot on too!
        The bases on all three of the winning entries are awesome.


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          Thanks for nice contest!
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            Congrats guys!!!!!
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