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Reaper miniatures Painting Contest 2012 - Results

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  • Reaper miniatures Painting Contest 2012 - Results

    Our inaugural Reaper contest has come to a close and its been a great one. We have seen everything from evil necromancers to frogs! Sculpts filled with character that have really encouraged you all to have a go and there's some lovely paint jobs in there.
    But alas we have to take just 3 from the field of 28 and put these worthy winners on a pedestal.

    Its been a very tight contest with 2 entries neck and neck for days (indeed the voting was extended until we found an outright winner!) So winning by just a single vote, the Reaper Champion 2012 is...........

    with his Barbarian:

    Congratulations to Werewolf who is rewarded with $75 worth of Reaper goodies for his trouble.

    Coming in a very close 2nd is a stalwart of these contest and that is........


    Just a single vote was the difference for her Necromancer not taking the top honours. A well earned $50 bag of booty is coming your way Jess.

    (It must be noted that Brushmistress also came 3rd in the voting with her Callie entry but under the rules only one prize is awarded.

    So nabbing that final spot on the podium is......

    Mamageek with Lanura Windsong. So Joy earns herself a tidy $25 bag of goodies.

    ( a note to also mention Mamageeks other entry and also Landreth who were just a single vote off 3rd place)

    Congratulations to our winners who were well deserved, the usual thanks go out to every one that took the time to enter, vote or comment. I know a lot of new faces popped over from the Reaper Boards for this so I hope some of you stick around!
    Thanks to Reaper Miniatures themselves, especially Ed. This was a new contest and one I hope we will see return next year as its been a lot of fun. If you haven't had the chance to paint a Reaper mini I encourage you to give it a go, they are beautiful pieces. You can find them here:

    Reaper Miniatures

    If you wish to see all the entries you can do so here:

    Reaper entries

    I would encourage you to pop over and have a look, maybe even leave a comment if you like, I know the contestants appreciate it.

    Winners can you pm me your details please,

    I have uploaded these to our Facebook page, if winners are on there could you pop on and tag yourself on your photos? (got you jess already)


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    Congrats to the winners! well done all!
    The best thing my mates & I have done:

    Me on Putty&Paint


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      Congrats winners!

      Many thanks to Reaper and WAMP for the great contest! Hope to see another one next year.


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        Thanks Brett! Again, I'm completely surprised at taking a place, and thrilled as well! Congrats to MamaGeek and Werewolf for your kick arse entries!

        Many thanks to all who entered & voted, Reaper for their support, and for WAMP for again being a wonderful forum!


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          Gratz to all the winners :)

          What happened with the voting thread?
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          Originally posted by Darklord
          Tommie will be painting it entirely using a single hair taken from the buttocks of a Peruvian lesser spotted vampire hamster attached to his left ear lobe.


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            Originally posted by adary View Post
            Gratz to all the winners :)

            What happened with the voting thread?

            Jeeze you guys dont give me 5 minutes!! :02: Check again buddy
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              Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone that entered!

              In all honesty, it was really tough to narrow it down to just three choices, there were so many wonderful pieces.
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                Congratulations to all the winners! It was definitely tough to narrow it down to three...


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                  Congratulations Werewolf, Brushmistress, and MamaGeek. Fabulous job done by everyone who entered! ^^
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                    Congrats to all the worthy winners. What a great competition. I must say that apart from the fun element it's a fantastic way to challenge yourself and push your own boundaries. Roll on KD :)
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                      Congratulations to Werewolf and Brushmistress!! I think both your entries are very deserving! Well done!!

                      And thank you to Reaper, WAMP, and to everyone who voted for my minis. I am tickled pink!
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                        Congrats to the winners. Some great inspiration here.


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                          Congrats to the winners.


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                            Congrats to the winners! You did an awesome job. Thand to WAMP and Reaper it was great participating to such a nice contest.


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                              Congratulations to all the worthy winners :)
                              What a lovely gallery it is, wonderful entries by everyone!
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