If you are reading this I am dead......

Or you've come and had a peruse of the new look Wamp Forum (I'm hoping its this option!)

So the fresh new look is here and I hope you like it. Its been long overdue but it almost never happened at all. When I started Wamp almost 16 years ago Social Media was barely a thing. fast forward to today and Facebook, Twitter and their like are behemoths of online. Heartily embraced by the world they have had a profound effect on forums which were once the King of internet communities. Social Media has taken huge swathes of forum traffic away (probably 90% in some cases) and left them struggling for life. Indeed I have spent the last couple of years seriously considering shutting down the forum and just keeping the ever-growing store and socil media channels.
But being a stubborn Yorkshireman I couldn't find the heart to do so. Wamp is one of my greatest achievements (yes I have a humble life!) and I wasn't willing to throw it away so easily. But I also started to think about forums roles in the social media age and I came to the conclusion forums were as relevant today as they ever were, they just needed to adapt.

Most of us use social media and its great but how many times have you seen a great painted miniature on Facebook but struggled to find it again later. The problem is even more compounded when we want to re-read that great tutorial we saw a couple of months back. This is a forums great strength. Its a fantastic resource of information, easily searched and archived for later use. They also offer filtered communities, away from the detritus of modern life. We can talk about our beloved hobby without the noise and conflicts of politics or sport or what Jenny had for tea, we can instead concentrate on arguing over brushlicking!

My mind was made up. Wamp as a fourm would continue but it had to have a lick of paint.

So we have trimmed some things out, added some others but the focus is on a cleaner simpler feel, one that translates better to a more modern mobile use. And to this end we have created a Wamp app to make using the forum even easier and better for you the end user. We will continue to review products, instigate discussion on our hobby and offer up tutorials and advice where we can and we will do all this while retaining our mantle as the Friendly Miniature Painting Forum.

In the meantime, welcome back, thanks for reading this and I hope you will join us in using the forum once again