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  • Salute 2012 - A First Timer's Review!

    Salute 2012 - A First Timer's Review!

    Salute 2012- show report
    I canít start this report without mentioning that I am writing this of my own free will, and in no way feel honour bound having blagged my way to one of the biggest hobby events (the biggest?) in the UK. Brett was kind enough to offer up a pair of free tickets to the Excel centre, and I was lucky enough to be chosen to go and sample the delights of a mad number of resin dealers, sorry, miniature producers. The beady eyed amongst you will notice that it said a pai...
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  • Wampstore: Game Forces Magazine now in stock

    Wampstore: Game Forces Magazine now in stock

    Wampstore: Game Forces Magazine

    You can now buy Game Forces Magazine from the Wampstore. Game Forces Magazine is a Bi Monthly spanish publication featuring some of the finest mini painters in the world. It is printed in Spanish and is supplied with an English translation insert. We have just a few in stock as a trial run to determine whether there is demand for it. You can find them here:
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  • Mini Painting Wiki

    Mini Painting Wiki

    Mini Painting Wiki

    As most of you are aware Wamp is home to a community driven project to try ad create a miniature related wiki that can contain valuable information on miniature painting and the surrounding hobby. The wiki got off to a great start but floundered a little mainly due to me spreading my time to thin. This is something I have wanted to address and a few changes have been m
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  • Portal Magazine 22 Available to Download

    Portal Magazine 22 Available to Download

    Two Little ducks 22 and its a quacking issue!

    • Details on our new Privateer Press contest
    • We announce the categories for WAMP2012
    • Maya Morland shows us how to paint sheer clothing
    • Banelegions, Kabuki and Infamy reviews
    • Company Profile with Bitz Box
    • Multiple Golden demon winner Mark Lifton gives us his insight into competition painting
    • Scott Radom talks quickies!
    • Tim Fitch showcases a classic sculptor!!
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  • Help Wamp get sociable

    Help Wamp get sociable

    As you know (unless you live under a rock!!) everybody these days is on the social network scene. facebook, Twitter, Google and the rest all can help promote your brand and make it more widely know. Wamp has a presence on most of the major networks but we need your help to make better use of them. Basically this is an appeal to anyone that uses social networks to add us if you will. The more we get added the more we can reach other users and help promote Wamp which obviously makes the site stronger...
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  • Privateer Press Painting Contest 2012

    Privateer Press Painting Contest 2012

    It's time for a new contest and also time for a new sponsor, coming to the table we have on the the biggest miniature companies in the world in the form of Privateer Press! I am sure you all know them and their fantastic range of miniature awesomeness.

    We have some great prizes to tempt you into entering. The contest will be split into 3 categories and a best in show.


    Single Figure:
    Any Privateer Press single miniature ...
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  • Would you like to join the Wamp team?

    Would you like to join the Wamp team?

    Wamp is continuing to grow and as such my time is becoming more precious as I need to spread myself across more and more elements of the site. As such I want to try and delegate a couple of things, to not only keep them going but to push them further and help make Wamp even better for us all. As such I am looking for one or two people that would like to get involved with the site. It is a purely voluntary thing and the only payment (at present) is the fame and glamour!! The first I am looking for ...
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  • Wamp Review: Banelegions Vilthiss

    Wamp Review: Banelegions Vilthiss

    The BaneLegions range from Maelstrom Games has grown rapidly since it's inception and Vilthiss is one of their latest offerings but how does the Serpent warrior stack up against the opposition? The BaneLegions (and sister range the BaneBeasts) are a popular range and have scored highly in previous Wamp reviews so Vilthiss has a lot to live up to. Vilthiss' part humanoid part serpentine figure instantly stands out from the usual monster fare, his fanged mouth wide open and a large curved edge two h...
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  • shanerozzell

  • Wamp Review: Reaper Miniatures, Bones

    Wamp Review: Reaper Miniatures, Bones

    This review will be slightly different as I will not be concentrating on the sculpting and casting alone but also looking at Reapers new material and how it rates for the display painter as well as the gamer.

    Tim Fitch from Miniature Heroes was very kind to send a fair selection of miniatures and for those that want to know they are Ogre champion (77005), Purple Worm (77006), Male Human Warrior (77008), 6 Kobolds (77010) and Dwarf Warrior (77011)

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  • Wamp Review: Model Display Products display plinths

    Wamp Review: Model Display Products display plinths

    In this review we take a look at a few resin display plinths from Model Display Products.

    From their website:
    Model Display Products are here to provide our customers with a wide variety of display plinths and bases which can be used to customise your miniatures/models for display, table top war gaming or to help you win that all important trophy in the painting competition. MDP is a company run by Martyn Dorey, and sells a great deal of hobby products such as a large variety...
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  • The Hotseat: Demented Games
    by Darklord

    In this Hotseat we sit down and chat with thee guys from Demented Games, the Australian company behind the wonderful Twisted game.

    Seb, Its almost 11 years to the day we sat you down in the hotseat. Back then there was no Guild of Harmony or Twisted. So how did things pan out in that time to bring you to where you are now? (Read Sebs original interview here: Seb Archer )

    (Seb) Wow 11 years - yes, things have certainly changed a lot in that time! Last time...
    27-08-2021, 03:07 pm
  • Warploque Miniatures – A comparison between cast and printed miniatures.
    by Brambleten
    Anyone that has received a resin miniature from Warploque Miniatures will know, from the title, that this is a very unfair comparison to put together. There are two casters that I would recommend above all others in the UK – BrokenToad, and Rob Huntley of Warploque Miniatures - I've never had a bad or mediocre cast from either. Nevertheless, I got my hands on my first 3D printed miniatures recently and as they’re from Warploque via their Digital Workshop, it’s a comparison I’m going to make....
    28-03-2021, 08:18 pm
  • Review: She-Hulk for Marvel: Crisis Protocol from Atomic Mass Games
    by Brambleten
    Welcome to this review of She-Hulk from Atomic Mass Games! It is my first review for a while (or at least my first review longer than an Instagram snippet) so I'm a little rusty and may well get carried away and ramble in places – apologies in advance.


    At the time of writing, She-Hulk is the latest release from Atomic Mass Games for their Marvel: Crisis Protocol tabletop skirmish game. The great thing about The Crisis Protocol kits is that they’re all uniformly...
    02-03-2021, 10:35 pm
  • Review: Solomon Kane
    by Darklord
    Introduction FeR miniatures is becoming one of the go-to sites for larger scale miniatures in recent times, developing a reputation for producing stunning busts and figures, and collaborating with sculptors such as Raffaele Picca and David Zabrocki. It is run by the equally talented painter Fernando Ruiz, who in fact painted the box art for the kit we're looking at here. Chances are that if you've seen a historical figure/bust on Facebook or Putty & Paint over the last 12 months, it's from this ...
    31-10-2016, 09:16 am
  • Taking on the Dark Arts
    by Darklord
    Dark Art Studios turns 12 at the end of the year we manage to catch a few words with Byron about the new Vengeance Miniatures range and the new Table Top game from Dark Art Ė Arena of Doom.

    Hey Byron, please tell us about Vengeance Miniatures?

    The new miniature range is 35mm heroic scale and will be made using traditional techniques out of an alloy metal which is our own formula.

    How did the name come about? Vengeance Miniatures ...
    19-10-2015, 08:15 am
  • Coming Clean: Colours of Battle Paints
    by Cregan Tur
    Sometimes reviews are just hard to write. Often itís because what youíre reviewing is hard to define within the scope youíre used to working in; itís something new, a deviation. But what could be more straight forward than reviewing paints? Iíve done it before, after all. So why was a review so difficult to write? Part of the reason is that, as far as my research has shown, these paints are manufactured by the same company that makes Privateer Pressí P3 line of paints. Theyíre even in the same...
    12-05-2015, 07:20 pm