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Interview with Ben Jarvis


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  • Interview with Privateer Press
    by Darklord

    Next up in The Hotseat is one of the giants in the miniature world, non other than Privateer Press. Producers of some of the most popular games and miniatures on the planet Privateer Press has brought us such goodies as Warmachine, Hordes , Iron Kingdoms and P3 paints.
    We spoke to Privateer's Staff Writer and Community Co-ordinator Simon Berman

    How did your company get started?
    Founded in December 2000 with the goal of producing the best games possible, Privateer P...
    06-02-2012, 08:51 am
  • Hotseat Interview with Chris Clayton
    by shanerozzell
    WAMP gets inside the brain of currently, one of the best in the business and find out what makes him tick?
    12-12-2011, 12:25 pm
  • The Hotseat: Questions for Maelstrom Games
    by Darklord
    It's time for another Hotseat interview and we have turned to one of the best known stockists in the hobby Maelstrom Games Not only are they purveyors of other companies products but they also have their own range Banelegions. Maybe you want to know the secret of their sucess as they rose from ebay sellers upto one of the main retailers in the business. Perhaps you have a question about their Banelgions or what they think of Finecast? Ask away! So if you have any questions to put to Maelstrom on a...
    14-09-2011, 12:22 pm
  • Interview With Joe Lidster
    by Darklord
    We take a bit of a departure from our usual subjects in the Hotseat this time. We turn our attention to joe Lidster, a proffessional writer and old school buddy of mine. Joe is best known for his work writing for Dr Who and Torchwood.
    (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_Lidster for more details)

    Tell us about yourself?
    My nameís Joe and Iím a writer. Iíve written prose and for audio, radio and television.

    Is writing what you what you always...
    22-07-2010, 12:30 pm
  • Interview with Chern Ann Ng
    by Darklord
    The next person to sit in the hotseat sits atop one of the most well known Miniature painting sites in the world; Chern Ann the King of Coolmini.

    Tell us a little about yourself
    I was an avid miniature collector when I was in school and still love the little metal men. Iím also a serial entrepreneur, one of my projects which Iím quite proud of is Razer! where we make various gaming peripherals. Iím currently working on lots of cool stuff on CoolMiniOrNot...
    06-07-2010, 09:11 am
  • Interview with Ben Jarvis
    by Darklord
    Next in the hotseat we have Ben Jarvis - recently Ben won the coveted Slayer Sword at Golden Demon Uk 2009 with
    'The Clockmaker', he is also one of the founders of Platoon brittanica. Online he goes by the name Rocketandroll.

    What was your inspiration for the Clockmaker?
    I actually get a lot of my inspiration from generic fantasy and sci-fi artwork books, from films, computer games and all over the place. The Clockmaker did I guess partly come from the great...
    17-02-2010, 02:07 pm