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Forgeworld Open Day


  • Forgeworld Open Day

    Forgeworld Open Day

    Sunday 3rd April saw me on the road again and heading north out of Wales for the Forgeworld Open Day at Warhammer World in Nottingham. Thankfully this time it was a start at a more reasonable hour compared to some of the other shows I have travelled for as I was attending as a visitor this time as opposed to an exhibitor. I havenít been to a Forgeworld Open Day before as I have always ended up being out of the country or elsewhere when the event is held so this time I was looking forward to the day and meeting up with friends during the day as well as all the new goodies and news snippets that would be on offer, although I think it being Mothers Day as well stopped a lot of people attending.

    The journey up was nice and quiet and I reached GW HQ with a bit of time to spare before opening time, well thatís what I thought anyway...true to FW & GW organisation however the doors opened twenty minutes late and when arriving in the main hall I decided to stay in the retail stand queue as it was only the width of the hall at the time and within 5 minutes of me joining the queue it had extended to the full length as well as the width and even into Bugmanís at one stage. Chaos seems to follow any event with Forgeworld or GW for some reason especially when it concerns the retail side of things and this day wasnít much better.

    36.jpgThe retail stand had two tills and one card reader so the queue for people paying by card was around 10 or 12 people which meant that if you wanted to pay with cash you could get ahead slightly. ďThatís not chaos I hear you say.Ē No itís not I agree but when I got to the front to pay with cash for what I wanted it was discovered that they were unable to find the show only boarding marine so people could only pick up the Hellsmith and the marine was announced as being in the hall about an hour after I had been served, did I join the queue again? Hell no that could wait until later.

    73.jpgThe retail stand had stocks of the Wraithseer conversion kit, the new Game Board Tile and the Phantom Titan, with several people buying the new Titan at £360 just for the body and then £50 for each arm they seemed to be selling well but I am still undecided whether I want one or not. Also on the retail was stocks of the new Eldar Lynx with the lance or pulsar weapon option as well as the Shadow Spectres Exarch and the Corsairs Conversion Kit, disappointing not to have anything new from Warhammer Forge on the retail stand though.

    After spending the first hour in the retail queue my next stop was the Reservations table to collect my pre-order. They seemed to have got things right with regards to pre-orders this time though, with pre-orders having been paid for in advance it made a very big difference and I donít think I saw more than two or three people waiting to collect their pre-orders. Well done FW for getting that bit right.

    Next stop was the raffle and painting competition entry stand (it was next in the line honest) During the day, they had a good run with the raffle tickets, the prize being one of the new Phantom Titans, in fact they did that well they had to do a panic shop for more raffle tickets and in total they sold £1530 worth of tickets with the proceeds going to the Tsunami fund.

    145.jpgThe painting competition was not very well supported and only saw 26 entries in total but then there was only one winner and all they received was the FW Open Day shield. Would it make a difference if they offered a 1st, 2,nd and 3rd prize of some value or more trophies?? Who knows but would it be worth them doing this? One thing I did notice later in the day was the judging system used...this really annoyed me to say the least, I wasnít expecting to win as there was a few nice entries but the judging was carried out by an ex Eavy Metal Team member (no names no pack drill..) and consisted of picking up the figure having a quick glance and then putting it back on the shelf again which meant judging each figure took all of about 30 seconds max!!
    Who one?

    143.jpgThat, I am pleased to say was a WAMP member known to many UK painters as Prawnpower (Conrad Mynett) who took first place with his converted traitor death rider.

    That was the buying bit out of the way so I retired to car to drop off my purchases and pre-order then headed to Bugmanís for a coffee before doing the rounds of the cabinets of the design teams, seating was at a premium with the staff being kept busy and over a 30 minute wait for food so I got a coffee to go and went for a walk and a chat with the design teams.

    Warhammer Forge Design Team

    21.jpgIt seems a lot of the stuff on the stands and the cabinets are still work in progress and design team were very reluctant to commit to release dates despite things going to production (also would tell what these are either) and some things that were work in progress 3 years ago (that lovely dragon) are still work in progress now...

    23.jpgThe book templates that they had on the table looked very nice but this is also still work in progress although they are hoping that this will be a July release (he wouldnít say which July) which means it would need to be with the printers at least 8 weeks before this date. With newsletters being alternative weeks with Forgeworld newsletters it will be interesting to see how the releases pan out.

    14.jpgBesides the Chaos Dwarf engines/machines that were seen at GD UK in September last year there were some very nice Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard and it is nice to see that in the main the Chaos Dwarfs arenít being sculpted with those ridiculous stupid tall hats. There was also a painted version of the Dreadquake Mortar and a few of the Chaos Dwarf Smiths as well as Tamurkhan on the Dragon Toad which would lead me to believe that it wonít be long before we see these for sale (fingers crossed).

    130.jpg132.jpg141.jpg17.jpgAmongst the other cabinets on the WF design team tables was a Great Taurus which looked very nice with the design team having a cow from a farmyard set on the table with a pair of demon wings blue-tacíd to it and trying to convince people it was the original prototype...Manaanís Blades looks like it will be the next Empire unit to hit the table and the command figures look very nice, also a 3 figure unit called ďCastellen Engineer Tubal Falk all with lots of detail and for new WIP on the Chaos side (besides the Dwarfs) there was Sayl The Faithless and Nightmaw Chaos Spawn and a Siege Giant which is a conversion kit based on the GW plastic Giant that looked very nice and tucked at the back of a cabinet was a two rather large WIPís with a name thingy nearby titled ďVermin LordĒ which will be armed with some sort of long spear and is perched on an arch so I dare say this will get the Skaven fans salivating in the gutters.

    11.jpg 31.jpg

    Forgeworld Design Team

    The main focus was obviously on some of the new stuff that was being launched that day, with the Wraithseer being shown in various poses and also a huge table showing the Phantom Titan with the Revenant and other walkers and figures on the table to allow you to see the size difference, although I am still undecided on the model it did look very impressive with the others around it.

    68.jpgIA11 is scheduled for around the end of the year and will be Eldar against IG, Space Wolves and Elisians, it is thought that the Wolves will be based around Branís company and if so will probably include a lot of Wolfen, some new models will appear for the IG but there will be no new releases for the Elisians. IA12 is going to be Dark Eldar and in the display cabinets they had a Raider with a Haywire Cannon and a new DE transport model that was WIP.

    77.jpgThe Game Board Tile was shown in various paint jobs and looked quite nice, it integrates into the board nicely and it was said that it is hoped to release a whole range of these tiles to give gamers a choice, people certainly seemed to like this tile on the day anyway and quite a few were sold.

    78.jpgThe IG vehicle that was mentioned as being finished prior to the day in a newsletter was on display with two versions in the cabinet, only difference between the two being one was the production release the other the WIP, the name of the vehicle being Imperial CrassusĒ and is supposed to carry 25 IG inside. The two in the cabinet had different exhausts which would have been a nice option but is not going to be and also the WIP version had a lot of nice texture on the plates which has not been carried through to the production model, shame because it would have been a nice change and a challenge to painters.
    I donít think there was anything else new in the cabinets other than vehicle doors and shoulder pad/weapon sets for various chapters in IA 9 & 10 and I am sure you will spot them in the photos in the main thread (link at the end)

    108.jpgA trip to Warhammer World is always worth a visit as there is always something new on display whether it is before you get into the hall on the way up the stairs or in the cabinets or the hall table themselves with people coming from all over to play a game on one of the studio tables and the day was no exception with majority of the tables in constant use throughout the day. When I first visited many years ago it was the rule of GW that as it was their premier venue then all figures used on the tables had to be painted with at least 3 colours, sadly this rule has seemed to be abolished and it was disappointing to see whole armies of undercoated figures on the tables and not a painted figure amongst them but I guess the emphasis these days is get them to buy and play the army before the next new must have army is released.

    The art display is currently in the museum which is being closed for a month soon to renovate the roof amongst other things and I hope they sort out the lighting up there as well and it was nice to see some of the old models on display as well as the newer ones. Cabinets around the main hall had a good selection of figures and some of the previous demon winnerís entries where in the cabinets at the stair area before entering the main hall. The window at the entrance from the car park to the stairs/lift up to the main hall had the studio display from GD 2009 (Wolves vs. Stealers/Tyranids) but unfortunately this could not be seen/photographed properly because the area was unlit and the windows tinted.

    Altogether a very good day out and I would go again, only thing that spoilt the day really was the journey back which involved one and a half hours to travel 1 mile on the M42 and get off said motorway because they closed it and diverted everybody and then £4 toll fee to use a very short stretch of the M6 to rejoin the M42 and donít ask about the mustard/ketchup from my McDonalds when I stopped for a bite to eat...

    All photos from the day can be found HERE.


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      Great review thank you W.G Nice pictures as always from you

    • Captain Sprout
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      Good review WG, nice win by Conrad too. I like the Skaven and the bull, nice models.

    • Ulfgrimr
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      Great write up WG and lovely pics, there's some really nice models in there, I like the taurus piece and the empire figures particularly, and congratulations to Prawnpower.
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