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Bugle Call 2010


  • Bugle Call 2010 & The First WAMP Road Trip

    Bugle Call 2010 & The First WAMP Road Trip

    Sunday 21st November was the Bristol Area Branch of the British Model Soldier Society (BMSS) Show, more commonly known as Bugle Call held in the historic city of Bath. The venue is the Cricket Pavilion which is just outside of the city centre area. This show was also the first venue for members of WAMP to display their work at the show as a club, having been asked by members of the Bristol BMSS and The Basement SW Chapter if WAMP would like to attend.

    Bugle Call is one of many local area shows that has been going for some time on the UK show circuit although like many are only in recent years getting the publicity of the internet to attract clubs and traders from further afield. This year the show was attended by around 44 clubs from around the south west of the UK ranging from Plymouth right up to Birmingham and across to Letchworth and parts of Hampshire and also a Napoleonic re-enactment group, there was also around 21 traders present including El Greco, MDC, Bonapartes, Just Bases and the first ever show appearance of BNS Miniatures with a table full of resin bases and plinths.

    Traders seemed to do well especially Shieldline Studio who were about 6 feet away from the Wamp display and were discovered to be selling some old Pegaso and Andrea 54mm scale knights for between £5 and £10 each which made several people very happy on the day when word spread. Also at the show was Western Miniatures, not a well known name to a lot of people as he manufactures and sells flat figures or given their German name “Zinnfiguren” who happened to have a lovely range of Alice in Wonderland/Return to Wonderland flat figures amongst others such as mythology and historic flats.

    The WAMP Display table was set up and manned by War Griffon, Freackinacage and Captain Sprout with figures also on display by Countersunk81 including his Demon winning pieces, the display had a steady stream of visitors during the day asking questions about WAMP and the figures on display, other WAMP members attended but were also manning other displays included the Jolly Bodgers (Toosh and Avecenna), BNSminiatures and The Basement (Prawnpower, Robin S, Elanlane and Matabele).

    The show also had a painting competition with the following classes:
    1. Single Figure which was split into two sections one for Masters (anybody who had placed first/gold at a show and Standard for those not brave enough to take on the masters.
    2. Open Division for scratchbuilt and converted figures.
    3. Vignettes/Dioramas
    4. Vehicles
    5. Juniors
    All entries were judged under the Open System by a team of about 12 judges many of whom had judged at other shows including Euro Militaire. The junior section was sponsored by MDC and the Best of Show was sponsored by El Greco. WAMP Members in attendance did well in the competition Freakinacage picked up 2 commended, BNSminiatures collected a commended and a bronze, I collected a bronze, Robin S collected silver, Elanlane collected a gold and Matabele collected a gold and Best of Show, his son collected the Junior Award.

    (photo by Matabele)

    Chris Clayton (Gigantic Miniatures) made an appearance having been deserted by his wife who decided the trip to Bath was the opportunity to go shopping in the city and not walk around a model show!! Whereas at the other extreme watching Captain Sprout shop at the show was like watching a 5 year old girl let loose in a shop full of Barbie dolls and I think she out shopped even me at the end of the day and left with several bags of models and a smile on her face.

    Whilst talking to Chris (read as badgering him for more info on releases) he revealed that after the Orc the next figure out would be an axe wielding Dwarf which he is hoping to have on release just before Christmas and this will be followed in the New Year by a Hobgoblin which will be taller than the Orc and Human fighter released so far.

    Overall I find these local shows have an unhurried friendly atmosphere and Bugle Call didn’t let me down, everybody I spoke with be it trader or club member on a display made people welcome and members of the Bristol Area BMSS and the SW Chapter of The Basement involved in the organisation (including their wives) went out of their way to make the show a success, my hat is off to you Ladies and Gentlemen for a very enjoyable event and I will be back next year.

    All photos from the day can be seen here (there is a lot of them)

    • Noddwyr
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      Oooo me too. I mean the alms (minis)

    • Vern
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      Sound like a good day out, nice article

    • countersunk81
      countersunk81 commented
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      Sounds great, wish I could have been there. Will do my best to get along to future shows.
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