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IPMS Scale Model World 2010


  • IPMS Scale Model World 2010

    IPMS Scale Model World Show 2010

    This weekend (13th & 14th November) was the premier show for the International Plastic Modellers Society (IPMS) although this show is open to the general public only members of the IPMS may enter the competition. The show takes place at the International Centre in Telford UK and is spread over the Saturday and Sunday as a two day event and is billed as the UK’s largest annual model show and competition. Despite its title and the fact that there would be a lot of plastic kits at this show in the forms of vehicles and aircraft modern day casting methods means that plastic and resin figures from all sides of the hobby could be seen at this particular show.

    Having not been to this particular show before one of the reasons for going was to see if it would be worth joining IPMS and entering the competition at a future date. I set off from Wales at around 8am on Saturday morning intending to arrive for around 10:15am as it was only about a 2 hour drive and the show opened to the public at 10am. The drive up was uneventful until after I got off the M54 and headed into Telford itself, the last three quarters of a mile of the journey took over an hour. I thought at first that maybe there had been an accident but it turned out to be a parking problem at the venue itself.

    This was to be one of several issues with this show, Parking at the venue was unable to cope and filled up even before the show opened which meant parking attendants pointing people towards the local long and short stay car parks which were also unable to cope. This problem also prevented Traders that had arrived that morning being able to get access to the traders parking area to set up so had obviously been going on long before I joined the tail back of traffic.

    After parking the car and walking 15 minutes back to the venue it was close to 11:30am and it was only to join another queue as they only had one person on the desk for people to buy tickets to enter the show, entry to the show was £9 per adult for either day or £14 for both days. Once inside the venue the show is laid out in three halls.
    Once past the ticket table there was a large amount of wasted space that could have been utilised a lot better which lead to Hall 3 this is the first hall area and besides the two catering areas the first thing you see is the Spitfire from the RAF Museum and for the cost of £5 you could have the chance to sit in the cockpit and have your photograph taken, there was also a spitfire simulator and the main completion tables, a large area was set aside for a Kit swap area but this seemed to remain empty for the whole time that I was there.

    As mentioned earlier the competition is the International Competition for the IPMS and is therefore only open to IPMS members, membership costs £20 per year. The competition area itself is not as big as the area set aside for Euro-Militaire and was laid out like a maze, People were having to queue to enter their models to the competition and I think part of this was due to the parking issues, nobody was allowed into the maze of the competition area except those members of the organisation receiving and placing entries. As soon as the entry deadline was reached the area was closed for judging!

    This struck me as being really strange for a two day show as any member of the public or IPMS member only able to get there for the Saturday did not get a chance to look at what was entered or for those that were entering something to have a look at the models prior to judging, judging was still taking place at around 3pm when I left and a lot of people had come to the show got what they wanted and then left again possibly because of the parking issues but also because there was not a lot there to keep people interested for more than a few hours.

    Halls 1 and 2 were full of trade and club stands and by full I mean full there seemed to be little in the way of organisation for these i.e. a trade hall and a clubs hall which meant that everything not in Hall 3 were in these two halls with a lot of traders saying that space on/behind their table/stand was very tight. Traders were however kept very busy on the whole and besides the expected hordes of plastic tanks and aeroplanes there were also some historic and Sci-fi/Fantasy traders present who were doing equally well with a total of around 227 tables split between exhibiting clubs and traders. Traders included known traders such as LSA Models, Cammet, MDC, Grey Matter Figures, Victory Miniatures, Bonapartes, Forgeworld, Just Bases and many others.

    Some things to note that may interest some people is that Grey Matter Figures had on their stand the large scale Goblin Ninja and Pumpkin Head sculpted by Sean Green but these do not appear on their website yet so I am unable to clarify if Grey Matter has become a distributer for these.

    Forgeworld’s Stand was very quiet for the most part, so much so that Mark Bedford was busy painting when I got there...I managed to pick up an Eldar Hornet model no problem and photos of the kit will be posted in a relevant thread at a later date. The fact that they were not that busy also gave me the opportunity to ask about the releases for Warhammer Forge, when I asked this question I was immediately pointed in the direction of Mark Bedford with the words “You need to speak to Mark as he is running that now!” So having a brief chat with Mark revealed that January 2011 should see the first of the releases from Warhammer Forge rolling out, models that have gone to the casts as being complete so far include the chaos toads, chaos ogres, chaos trolls, Theodor Bruckner mounted on a Demigriffon and the engine part of the chaos dwarf steam train with its crew.

    Mark has nearly finished the model of Tamurkhan on the toad dragon so that will go off to casting soon probably jst before Xmas and it is also hoped that the book with all the background etc will go to the printers/layout early 2011 with a copy available for the public to look at come the time of the Forgeworld Open Day 2011.

    Overall this show had a lot of potential but turned out to have some (to me anyway) serious location and organisation issues that need to be seriously looked at

    • War Griffon
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      No its not a new venue, I think it is held here every year, this was the first ear I went along though and will be the last unless they sort themselves out.

    • Captain Sprout
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      Nice article WG, sounds like it has a few odd challenges for a long running show. Sounds like its the place to go for FW though you seem to queue anyway heh.

    • Halestorm
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      Nice article, a lot of these shows seem to be really packed in, i have been to a few in school halls and community centers, seems that the organisers underestimate the draw of the miniature modeler :)
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