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A manufacturer of acrylic paints and other products for modellers and painters. They have several extensive ranges of paints designed for specific purposes or model types and also manufacture painting materials for acrylic, watercolour and silk painting, as well as stenciling amongst other applications. They also produce a large range of acrylic mediums, varnishes and texturing materials as well as brushes and other accesoiries. The paint and media ranges of most use to the miniature painter or modeller include:



  • Aerosol, solvent based primers in 400ml cans. They are available in three colours; White (ref. 28010), Grey (ref. 28011) and Black (ref. 28012).
  • Surface Primer. An acrylic primer for application with a brush or airbrush, producing a matt, self-levelling coat that does not obscure the detail on a model. Packaged in 17ml, 60ml and 200ml bottles it is supplied in 16 different colours;
600- White, 601- Grey, 602- Black, 603- Ger. Panzer Grey / Schwargrau RAL 7021, 604- Ger. Dark Yellow / Dunkelgelb RAL 7028, 605- Ger. Red Brown/Rotbraun RAL 8012, 606- Ger. Green Brown/Grünbraun RAL 8000, 607- U.K. Bronze Green, 608- U.S. Olive Drab, 609- Russian Green 4BO,610- IJA Kare-Kusa.Iro (late), 611- IJA Tsuchi-Kusa.Iro (early), 612- Nato Green FS34094, 613- Desert Tan Base, 614- IDF Israelí Sand Grey 61-73 FS30372 & 615- USN Light Ghost Grey FS36375.

Game Colour


A highly pigmented and highly saturated range of paints in 17ml dropper bottles to prevent evaporation and allow controlled delivery onto the palette. The Game Colour range covers the colours most frequently used by the fantasy or Sci-fi miniature painter and totals 78 opaque colours which dry to an opaque, matte finish.

The range also includes 16 extra opaque colours for basecoating in one coat as well as a number of washes (8) and inks (11) designed for shading, glazing or washing. All the colours in the Game Colour range are intermixable as are the extra opaques, the washes and the inks. They can be diluted with water or any of the acrylic media for a variety of consistencies and effects.

The full Game Colour range can be seen here.

Game colour is also produced in a variety of sets;

  • 8 Colour Sets - Skintones (72295), Goblins (72301), 8 Game Inks (72296), Non Dead Chaos (72302), Elfos (72300) & Extra Opaque (72294).
  • 16 Colour Sets - Specialist (72297), Leather & Metal (72291), Advanced (72298), Extra Opaque (72290) & Introduction(72299).
  • 8 colour Introductory set, with 2 brushes and a figure (72208).
  • 9 colour Introductory set, with 1 brush and a figure (72209).
  • Warrior Princess, 9 colours (72210).
  • Ironfist Dwarf Beserker, 8 colours (72211).
  • Plastic Case, 72 colours with 3 brushes (72172).

Model Colour

A very extensive range of 198 colours that are highly pigmented and apply to give a smooth, opaque finish that have been chosen with the modeller and painter in mind. They are available in 17ml dropper bottles and are fully intermixable as well as being diluted by water or any of the acrylic media. The range contains colours that are more natural than the saturated colours of the Game Colour range and are specially suited to historical models or to painters who prefer a more realistic feel.

The Model colour range includes 10 metallic colours as well as 8 transparent colours and 5 glazes all of which are intermixable across the entire range and with any of the acrylic media.

The full Model Colour range can be viewed here.

Vallejo also produce sets from the model colour range which include;

  • 8 colour sets - Wargames Basics (70103), Non Dead Chaos (70106), Elfos (70104), Panzer colors(70108), Orcos y Goblins (70105) & Skintones colors (70124).
  • 16 colour sets - Folkstone Basics (70101), WWII German Cam.(70114, Folkstone Specialist (70102), Skintones colors (70125), WWII German (70107), Basic colors U.S.A. (70140), WWII Allied (70109), Earth colors (70141), Napoleonic colors(70110), Medieval colors (70142), American Civil War (70111), Equestrian colors (70144), Wargame Special (70112), Native americans (70145), American colonial (70147), Naval (Steam Era) (70146) & American Revol. (70148).
  • Face Painting Set, including a step by step guide (70119).
  • 8 colour introductory Set (70178).
  • Winter Weathering Set (72220).
  • Train Colour Set (73099).
  • Plastic Case, 72 colours with 3 brushes (70172)
  • Plastic Case, 72 military colours (70173).

Model Air

The Model Air range consists of 110 colours, including 3 varnishes (Matte, Satin & Gloss) and 12 metallic colours, that are supplied in 17ml dropper bottles. The colours have particularly fine ground pigment held in an acrylic resin that are designed to be applied with an airbrush having good covering properties and a finish with high levels of durability. The colours can also be applied with a brush to areas of fine detail as well as being dilluted for washes and glazes. The colours are inter mixable and can be diluted with water or acrylic thinners or varnish depending on the desired effect.

The Model Air metallic paints are particularly good due to the very fine metallic particles contained in the paint. Many painters recommend Model Air metallics for all metallic painting, even that carried out with a brush, as the fine particle size gives a good, non-grainy finish that is not achievable with other acrylic paints where the particle size is not as fine.

The full Model Colour range can be viewed here.

Model Air is also produced in the following sets;

  • 8 colour sets - WWII RAF Day Fighters (71162), WWII RAF Desert (71163), Colores Básicos (71174), Colores RLM III (71164), Colores Panzer (71177), Colores Metálicos (71176), Colores RLM I (71165), Colores RLM III (71166), Demag D7 Africa Corps (71150), WWII Alemán (71175) & Demag D7 Guderian Rus. (71151).
  • 16 Colour sets - Colores Básicos (71178), Efectos Metálicos (71181), WWII Alemán (71179), "Extreme Modelling" (71190), WWII Aliados (71180), Construcción (71192), Ferroviarios "EU"(71191), WWII British Aicraft RAF/FAA (71189) & Colores RLM (71193).
  • 10 Basic Colours with airbrush ultra HS (71167).
  • 10 Camouflage Colours with airbrush ultra HS (71168).
  • Plastic Case, 72 colours with 3 brushes (71170).
  • Plastic Case, 29 basic colours with airbrush ultra HS (71172).
  • Plastic Case, 29 camouflage colours with airbrush ultra HS (71173).

Panzer Aces

This range of paints have been designed in conjunction with the staff of Panzer Aces magazine and has been specifically created to depict the uniform colours of tank crews and armed forces during world War II. All the colours used have a base shading as well as a highlight tone. It is presented in a series of sets covering the uniforms and accessories of the tank crews of various nations as well as colours for depicting skintones, camouflage patterns and wear on tanks and tracks.

The 48 colours in the range are presented in Vallejo's 17ml dropper bottles and can be viewed here.

Panzer Ace series paints are presented in a number of sets;

  • 8 colour sets - Rust, tracks (70122), Crew uniforms (70127), Wood, leather,...(70123), Crew uniforms (70128), Crew uniforms (70126) & Skintones, white (70129).
  • 16 colour set - covering the most important camouflage schemes, i.e. Dot Pea Pattern, Italian Pattern, Plane Tree Pattern y Oak Leaf Pattern.

Premium RC-Colour

The range consists of 20 bright opaque colours, 23 metallic and flourescent paints as well as 9 transparent candy colours supplied in 60ml and 200ml flip top bottles. The range also includes 8 auxillary products including a transparent [Basecoat | [basecoat]], reducer, primer, varnishes and drying retarder. The paints are water soluble and airbrush ready and designed to give good coverage with airbrush or brush and produce a self-levelling finish that is extremely tough and durable.

Available in sets of 5 colours; Opaque Basics (62101), Fluo Colours (62102), Metallics (62103) & Candy Colours (62104).

Liquid Gold

Oroliquido packaging.jpg

8 permanent alcohol based metallic paints that give a more brilliant colour than water based metallic paints. They are supplied in 35ml screw top (child proof) bottles and are not water soluble, in fact any contact with water will cause the metallic pigment to rust within the jar. Brushes should be cleaned with an alcohol based brush cleaner. They dry extremely quickly, almost instantly, and only 96% alcohol should be used to dilute the paints. The colours can be mixed with each other.

The colours produced are; 70.790 Silver, 70.791 Gold, 70.792 Old Gold, 70.793 Rich Gold, 70.794 Red Gold, 70.795 Green Gold, 70.796 White Gold & 70.797 Copper.


Vallejo Pigments are all earth and iron oxides giving an ideal range of colours for all types of weathering effects and terrain. They are the same pigments used in their range of paints (see above) and can be dissolved in water, acrylic resin or turpentine. They can also be mixed with the Water & Stone range for a variety of effects such as creating mud or flaking rust. A Matte medium can be used to adhere the pigments to the model or a glaze medium can be used to allow more working time.

They are supplied in 30ml pots and details of the colours available can be found here.

Also available in sets of 4 colours; Rust & Oil (73196), Mud & Sand (73197), Stone & Cement - City (73198) & Snow, Soot, Ashes - Industrial Grime (73199).

Water & Stone

Water Effects

  • Water based acrylic products to produce everything from puddles and small streams to lakes and sea surfaces. They can be shaped to create ripples, waterfalls, ice etc. or mixed with Vallejo colours. Water Effects is available as a clear gel or in three colours which can be enhanced by blending in colours from the Model Air range or with Game Colour Inks. Packaged in 200ml pots.
  • Aqua Tranquilas is a self-levelling liquid that dries clear. It can be poured onto a non-pourous surface and, when dry, can be peeled away and cut to shape.
  • Foam & Snow is a high density paste for creating white water effects as well as snow.
  • Extra Heavy Gel is a transparent gel that can be used as an aditive to the other products to increase their transparency and stregnth or coloured or mixed with sand to create basing effects.

Texture Materials

A range of acrylic, water based texturing materials that can be intermixed or coloured with paints and pigments to produce a range of different textures on models. Produced in 200ml pots the range comprises; White Stucco (gesso), White Stone Paste, Fine White Pumice, Rough Grey Pumice, sandy Paste, Dessert Sand, Red Oxide Earth, Brown Earth, Dark Earth & Dark Lava Earth. See also Acrylic Medium for more information on texture pastes and gels.

Mediums & Varnishes


Vallejo's range of varnishes are available in aerosol or brush-on form. There are three varieties of varnish, matte, satin or gloss, available in 400ml aerosol cans or 17ml dropper bottles as well as 60ml bottles.


This range comprises; Gloss Medium, Matte Medium, Metallic Medium, Drying Retarder, Glaze Medium, Plastic Putty, Thinner, Liquid Mask, Decal medium, Decal Fix & Crackle Medium, all available in standard 17ml dropper bottles as well as in larger sizes for some of the range.


Airbrush Cleaner, Brush Cleaner & Brush Restorer.


Acrylicos Vallejo website Includes further details of all Vallejo products as well as FAQs and a tips and tutorials blog.

Equivalency Chart for Vallejo colours and other popular hobby paints.