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Formula P3

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Formula P3 - that's Privateer Press Painting, usually just called "P3" - is a range of hobby supplies commissioned and sold by Privateer Press.

Designed to compete directly with Vallejo and Citadel Colour, the range includes acrylic paints, paintbrushes, accessories and hobby tools.

The paints range is sold in ten sets, each designed for a particular faction or troop type in the Warmachine or Hordes ranges, and as individual paints. The unique selling point of the Formlua P3 range is that it's made with a liquid pigment rather than a powdered solid pigment, although how unique this actually is proves hard to determine as other ranges have been close-lipped about the exact formulations of their ranges. Although the manufacturers of P3 claim that most paints will cover even a black undercoat in a single application, they still include a number of "base" paints with a higher pigment content that are explicitly designed to do so.

General opinion is that Formula P3 is a high-quality paint range, ideal for painting miniature models and at least on a par with equivalent Citadel Colour and Vallejo ranges.

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