We are always looking for high quality content for Portal Magazine. News, tutorials, articles, products that are experienced review team can review and newly release miniatures.


The best way to get content into Portal magazine is to join WAMP and post it as an article or new thread. There are lots of benefits to this including the feedback you get from our many members from all over the world.

If you have an item of news you wish to see in Portal then you can use the link below and submit it via our easy to use News form.

News Form

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Submitting Media Formats

All text files submitted to Portal should be in Word 2007 format or lower. Articles should be spellchecked and have basic styles applied.

Vector artwork can be submitted in either AI, EPS of PDF formats. All fonts should be converted to outlines and layers flattened.

Bitmap artwork can be submitted in either PSD, TIFF, or JPG Formats. Transparant should be clipped and all fonts converted to outlines.

Media can be submitted to the following email. Please include details about the media.


Because of things like proofing, items submitted to Portal have to meet a set deadline. Portal is published the 16th of every month and submission deadlines are given below.

Submission deadlines
9th of each month
Gallery Images
10th of each month
News & Latest Releases
12th of each month
14th of each month

For more information about submitting items to portal click here. email portal


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