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  • Wamp Clothing

    As part of the Wamp restyling we have also updated the Wamp clothing store to match. The new official clothing features the new wamp logo and URL and we are also able to now offer worldwide shipping options.
    We now have two stores open, for Uk and European orders we have and for North America and Rest of World we have

    The Wamp Clothing gives you the chance to show of your allegiance to Wamp and helps support the site. There are T-shirts, Polo Shirts and Hoodies available for men and women and there's options for adding your user-name to the back if you wish to. We also have a range of other mini painting related clothing and even kids and baby clothing! If there is something you wish to see in the s tore simply let us know and we will see what we can do. We shall be adding further products in due time including bags and various other items.

    Both stores carry the same products but with localised currency and shipping rates.

    To celebrate the launch you can benefit FOR TODAY ONLY from free shipping. Yep, any orders made to day will receive free shipping. To benefit simply enter: T-DAY2012 into the voucher code at checkout.

    Please note there is a slight delay in getting the official Wamp shirts onto the North American store though the other items are already available. We anticipate getting the rest onto there later today.

    As always if you have any questions feel free to contact me.


    Brett Johnson