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  • Miniature Mentor: The Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures with Felix Wedgewood

    Miniature Mentor releases The Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures with Felix Wedgwood

    Miniature Mentor is excited to bring you The Complete Guide to Photographing Miniatures with Felix Wedgwood !!! Join professional commercial photographer Felix Wedgwood in over 7 hours of video as he guides you through all the steps necessary to create amazing photographs of your miniatures. THIS IS NOT A BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY TUTORIAL - plenty of those on the net.

    No light tents were used in the making of this tutorial - we didn't take the easy way out here! You'll learn the true art of photography and lighting. This tutorial focuses solely on miniatures and the obstacles of shooting/lighting tiny objects. You'll learn about lights and lighting, diffraction, depth of field, sensor size, lens resolution, light fall-off and more. Get ready to add an entirely new creative element to this awesome hobby of ours!

    Felix Wedgwood is a professional commercial photographer working in the food/product photography field. His work has appeared in dozens of major magazine publications. He currently resides in Toronto, Canada.

    Miniature Mentor is the world's first and only video library dedicated to the art of miniature painting and sculpting. Our current instructors include, Thomas David, JAG, Allan Carrasco, Jennifer Haley, Ben Komets and others.


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    1. Sister_Lucy's Avatar
      Sister_Lucy -
      I just finished watching the first part... this tutorial is hard core. I already have a camera accessories shopping list started because of it.
    1. Darkmessiah's Avatar
      Darkmessiah -
      i personally would bother with this, whilst theirs alot of good points, regarding technique, technical info and materials, theirs alot of bad points, the main ones are that the topic is hugely drawn out and explained in unnecessary detail, the 'essential items' used will easily cost u 100-150 quid (excluding camera), the bulbs used in the video whilst look and sound really good are only shipped to the states and canada, making an expensive bulb even more so for people outside of N.America, the setup is complicated and bulky, taking a good few hours to get right, which will drive u mad if you dont have the space for a permanent setup, theirs even one part of the video where Felix is up a ladder so he can see down the view finder of his camera, which is about 8 foot off the floor and about 10 foot away from the mini.
      Whilst Felix clearly knows what he is on about I dont think he understands what miniature painters need from their photos, theirs quite a few occasions where felix favours an 'interesting' light or colour effect over the accuracy of the paintjob, (imo) this leads to some of his final photos actually looking worse that the original photos that were used the artists mini.

      overall the video is very hardcore and theirs few things ill be able to take immediately away from up unless I go drop a ton somewhere.
    1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
      Captain Sprout -
      I've watched the first part and its entertaining but slightly bonkers in terms of the kit needed. Some good ideas and principles about lighting though. I wouldn't recommend buying it but as I subscribe and it has nice minis in it, nothing to lose and well worth watching.
    1. CiaranAnnrach's Avatar
      CiaranAnnrach -
      Do you recommend the subscription to their site? How often do they produce new videos?
    1. Captain Sprout's Avatar
      Captain Sprout -
      I would recommend it as there are enough existing ones to justify it. The videos are bi monthly-ish. There isn't really a set schedule but they are pretty regular.

      There are some really valuable ones and they are long enough for you to understand properly what is being done.

      I also would recommend the JBT Miniature painting DVD, as that is a great watch, but this series has loads of different sorts of painting and tutorials and I think its well worth it myself.
    1. CiaranAnnrach's Avatar
      CiaranAnnrach -
      I'm seriously debating on it. The sculpting tutorials also caught my eye, as that's something I'd like to get into.
    1. Ulfgrimr's Avatar
      Ulfgrimr -
      Wouldn't disagree with anything that's been said so far. I did, however, find the info on the principles of setting up and adjusting the lights useful. Does seem a long affair to achieve the set-up and I agree that most mini painters probably don't have the time or space.

      As far as subscriptions go I agree with CS, recommended, along with the JBT dvd and I found the sculpting videos very absorbing.
    1. Darkmessiah's Avatar
      Darkmessiah -
      @Ciaran id defo say it worth it. Id consider myself round high intermediate level and id say iv learnt my fair share from it and unless ur willing to travel to a mathieu fontaine workshop or one of the top class painters workshops in mainland europe you wont get better.

      just look at the list of videos, carrasco, casses, van den bogaret, fontaine, aragorn, jags, komets, bohun. ur really not gunna get them else where.

      how much is the upfront fee now?
    1. MaGie's Avatar
      MaGie -
      As a subscriber, I will get this video too. But like the others, I'm not sure if I would pay for this particular download.

      One thing I'm wondering, is what the miniatures on the pictures look like IRL. Just thinking if the pictures are used in this case to make the minis look better than they actually do. Or if it's meant to give a picture as close to the real thing as possible. Anyone knows?
      I don't like the atmospheric pictures too much, because I feel that it sometimes makes the mini look better on the pictures than it truly is. Especially for online contests, that makes it a bit unfair to me. But some people might disagree, and I must say that I really enjoy watching these dramatic pictures, just not so much for judgnig the quality of a paintjob.
    1. Darklord's Avatar
      Darklord -
      One of my minis is in that! Or was it two? Cant remember
    1. Darkmessiah's Avatar
      Darkmessiah -
      gus and the cyber girl are in their.

      gus isnt a bad pic like, but the cyber girl has been butchered, alot of the details are crisper but he has brought out such a horrible texture
    1. Vern's Avatar
      Vern -
      Cheers peeps - being 'awful' at macro photography, I'd probably have bought this one, but, I'll save my cash now