Ever since the Maelstrom debacle I've been trying to find an alternative supplier for my mini fix. Wayland is out because I don't like the way they've strong armed other businesses in the past and their ties to the pitiful Beasts of War site don't help either. The Wampstore is great and I've had top quality service whenever I've used it but it doesn't stock the predominantly gaming minis that I buy most of the time.

That leaves me with three possibilities at the moment; Firestorm Games, Element Games, and Total Wargamer. I ordered most of my Christmas minis from Firestorm and received exactly what I ordered in good time so I can't complain at these guys so far. I saw Element Games in a banner ad on Wamp but I haven't had chance to use them yet. Their selection is smaller than the other two but the prices seem good so I may give them a try when I get round to buying things they have in stock.

Total Wargamer was brought to my attention by a guy at my local games club because of a sale they were having on Bolt Action minis. I didn't buy any at the time but when GW released the new Dark Angel range I thought I'd take advantage of the 25% discount offer they were running and buy some. The postage was very high, 8.00 for a fairly small and light box but with the extra discount it was still the cheapest choice.

Most of my order turned up in good time but there was a note on the invoice saying that one item was "to follow". It's now been three weeks since the order was delivered and the missing part hasn't followed yet. I've tried phoning them but it's either engaged, showing that there is at least someone there, or it rings several times and hangs up. I've now submitted a ticket to their customer support system so I'm hoping that the matter will be addressed soon. This being the first time I've ordered from Total Wargamer, the service so far hasn't filled me with confidence in ordering from them again.