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Thread: RESULTS: Vegascat vs Waghorn41 - Animal

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    Enlightened Wamp
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    RESULTS: Vegascat vs Waghorn41 - Animal

    These two are now ready for voting

    Scoring is for painting (up to 10 points) and theme (up to 10 points), comments are encouraged as always

    Voting will close in (no sooner than) 7 days (January 19th).


    Vegascat: Wereshark

    Waghorn41: Animal

    Best of luck to you both! :)
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    Destroyer of Ladders Enlightened Wamp vegascat's Avatar
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    Kd, thanks for setting this up in record time; I'm glad you were able to scratch your itch. :)
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    This is going to be a toughie but here goes.

    painting - 7
    theme - 8

    Very nice little piece. If anything has let it down it's the base and we could have done with some bigger pics.

    painting - 7
    theme - 8.5

    Is this a wag piece? both mini's are painted very well but more shading on their skin to aid contrast would have been nice.

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    Theme - 6/10 for both of you. Theres an animal I guess in each, but nothing imaginative or orginal in either. Does what it says on the tin though.

    Painting - 7/10 for both of you again. Both nice and solid, though each could do with some stronger contrast. Vegascat's moulded base is a little plain but the painting edges out wags by a smidge, Wags on the other hand edges out the shark with some good attention to scene structure, even if the narrative is a little vague.

    "Hey ging-er, wanna see my tool?"

    edit - Ahhh, thats better Wag! In that case have another couple of points for an original take on the theme.

    So... Theme/paint: Wag 8/7, VC 6/7
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    Hey where's my caption that goes with the picture - it's senseless without it!

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    this ones tough

    Vegas: Painting: 7 - Those eyes are plain evil, I love it! Some bigger pics would be nice (though you are getting much better!) Can't say much more without a good photo.
    Theme: 5 - He's an animal. Can't say much more than that. A wereshark is kind of a creative were-beast though.

    Painting: 6 - seeing some great shades and highlights save on the faces. Nothing much else to say regarding painting.
    Theme: 7 - Well, before even reading the caption I knew 2 important things: 1 they were talking about the poster and 2: who the characters were, even without being familair with the model range! I think your bushes are a bit out of place but that's the only real downside to this I can think of.
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    Very hard to prefer one over the other as I like them both in their own way.

    vegas cat 7
    waghorn 7

    vegas Cat 7
    waghorn 6 (fun idea, but no actual animal painted)

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    Well done guys

    Vegascat: paint/theme 6,5/6
    Yes, some better pics would be nice, but well done overall and I like the sharkskin.

    Wag: paint/theme 6/7 (after I found the text to go with the dio)
    The jacket on the lady is really good, but the skin and faces of both minis could benefit from a bit of shading/highlights. Cool take on the theme.

    Good luck both of you!

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    painting - 7
    theme - 7

    Like the mini and it's neatly done, although the photos could be better. Personally I would have preffered a bigger base but that aside I really like the colour of the sharkskin and also the stripey trousers.

    painting - 6.5
    theme - 8.5

    The theme made me chuckle and the composition works well. Hair and flesh need some definition for me but I like the shading on Amy's boots and her jacket is particularly well done.

    Two good pieces, well done both of you.

    A community driven repository aimed at the whole miniature painting community.
    Contributions can be made directly in the Wiki or by contacting the admin team here.


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    I think I'd have to give equal marks for painting. You both have clean lines, good colors, and nice shading. So...

    Painting - 7
    Theme - 8.5
    Definitely pushed the theme beyond the barnyard!

    Painting - 7
    Theme - 9
    I never saw that one coming!
    "All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle." -St. Francis


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