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Thread: Flower Knight WIP

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    Last sneak peek before he is done. This picture was mostly for me so i could see what touch ups and changes I need to do before putting him on the base.
    I finally got one of those hand jewelers magnifying glasses/headsets and it helps a ton!

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    I'm loving this :) . the words of Radioactive Man:

    "My eyes! Ze goggles. Zey do nothing!"

    And by that I mean it's brighter than a really bright thing!

    And by that I mean it's really cool.

    Not 100% convinced with the base yet - I love the archway, but the path seem slightly odd. However, as we haven't seen it with the figure on, I'll hold fire :) . Good stuff though!

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    He was really an excuse to paint something turquoise. I've been trying to paint something turquoise for over a year now and never found the right miniature until I got the Flower Knight.


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