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Thread: Steel Movement Trays from Shogun Miniatures

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    Steel Movement Trays from Shogun Miniatures

    I just received an order of steel flanged movement trays from Shogun Miniatures and thought I'd post my thoughts on them.
    • There are many sizes already listed on Robert's website, but if you have a size that isn't on there, an email to gets a quick response with price.
    • Price. Seriously, just look at them. Unless I'm cutting up soup cans, there's no way I could even get decent flat stock for what he charges for finished trays.
    • Construction. Machine cut edges, machine bent flanges. Completely deburred and relieved edges. Bends are precise and square. Tray is approximately 3mm oversized in each axis in case your bases aren't true. The radiused bend of the flanges allow you to slide the tray around without worries of scratching your game table or picking at your felt (if that's what you use).
    • Material. Looks to be standard stock used for heat and air ductwork. Paintable if cleaned and primed.
    • Ordering & Shipping. To order, send an email to and he will reply with price + s&h. Paypal that amount to him and your order shows up pretty fast. I ordered Saturday (Christmas Eve) and received today (the following Friday). He also threw in 10 20X20 sample magnets to try out.
    If you need magnetic troop trays, this is a practical and economical solution.

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    Seem quite reasonable. I made some movement trays for my Skaven with plasticard and tin sheets but there'll be more Skaven to make trays for and it looks like they have pretty much all unit sizes I'd need.
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    Excellent resource. I've been looking for exactly this kind of thing. Thanks, Frogimus.

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    magnet bases for 15 cents each? That's the best deal I have seen yet.
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