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Thread: WAB: Armies of Antiquity

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    WAB: Armies of Antiquity

    Just released by Warhammer Historical

    Warhammer Armies of Antiquity is a supplement for Warhammer Ancient Battles second edition, the popular rules set for fighting battles on the tabletop with model armies. This 208 page hardback book contains no fewer than 100 fully revised and updated army lists for the following forces from the ancient and medieval world

    Bit confused by this release (unless it was already contracted, of course), as I though WAB (& Warhammer Historical) was pretty much dead in the water - all there rulesets (except this!) have been in a 'sale' for ages!. Never fussed on the original WAB (saving through ffs), but freely admit I haven't seen WAB 2. This seems a little expensive for an army list book, but so I'll probably wait until it joins the rest of the sale ....

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    Well, that's the big question innit? Were rumours of their demise exaggerated? Whether by accident or design, their book sale has been a rip-roaring success as regards reigniting interest in the WHAB stuff after the bad reviews and general dissatisfaction with the company since Forgeworld took over.

    At 28 for an army book it warrants a sharp intake of breath through the teeth, but that's a hell of a lot of armies you're getting for your money (100 by my count), so maybe it's not such a steep price after all. There has been some talk, however, that these new lists will be either difficult to use alongside, or totally incompatible with the existing army lists for WHAB II, official and unofficial.

    Very much a case of you pays your money you takes your choice.
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    Aye, time will tell - if this goes to half price (or so) in January, and there's a fair chance it will, I'll pick a copy up



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