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Thread: Bobby Jackson Miniatures

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    Bobby Jackson Miniatures

    A new(ish) venture by Bobby Jackson (I know he's done loads for Reaper), to be marketed by Cmon!

    Fairy Hunter

    Gate Keeper (this has been out awhile, yes?)


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    Ah, I thought from numerous threads now we aren't supporting CMON? But I did buy the Fairy Hunter the day it was listed.
    The other 2 figs have been on their site for a long while now in the Limited Editions section. BJackson Miniatures doesn't have a site that I know, that's why I didn't post up the pics from CMON. Jackson also does the Thugz range too.
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    Have quite a lot of time for Mr Jackson - I like a lot of his work. Fairy Hunter is great. Next one down is a bit too over-worked for my tastes (and the 'hair' looks more like some weird tentacle thing sprouting from her bonce),The Necromancer's pretty nice too - wouldn't mind having a go at painting that one :) . Nice work though - talented soul.

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    Hasn't that gate keeper been released as a CMoN special before???
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    I kind of like the gatekeeper but she looks like she has crystalline boobs. Necromancer cold be good but the angle isnt the best
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    Thats the most cheerful necromancer I've ever seen, nothing like job satisfaction.

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    I like some of his Reaper minis but apart from the Fairy Hunter I reckon they're too busy. Hope these do well for him tho, talented guy.

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    Like the fairy hunter and the Necromancer but not too keen on the gatekeeper, however the painting on all three is very nice.

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