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Thread: Return to The Wolves

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    Lightbulb Return to The Wolves

    Hi all

    This is my 1st blog entry on current project for the
    Official BoW Painting Competition August 2011

    I had this Blood Claws Sergeant for 4 years and only now started working on this miniature.

    Now I've finished base-coating and basing.

    I need to finish this model before 1st September so this will be a "speed paint" for me.
    Stay tuned soon I'll post new pics ;-)

    And on my blog

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    Hi all

    Here is what I managed to do in 6 hours. Face and hair almost finished plus some base colors and power armor shading.

    Also here is small sneak peek of my next 40k Project.

    And on my blog

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    Hi all

    And now more details work done, also started with banner.

    also on my blog

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    Here is my finished model. Hope you'll like it:-)

    And as usual more on my blog

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    Cabana Boy Shaps's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    Hertfordshire, UK
    looking good, ive got the 40k bug again and am just starting a space wolves army!!



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