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Thread: Earth Elemental WIP

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    Earth Elemental WIP

    I just slapped this together last night, it still needs some work but I'm pretty happy with it so far. Sorry about the crappy pictures but I couldn't be bothered to get the light tent out and set up for this:

    It is an earth elemental just emerging from the ground, I'm painting it for a challenge against Carson in the local painting group. The theme is "Elements" so I think it fits quite well. I'm going to add a tree growing out of his back along with some grass and moss on his back and shoulders. I'm going to use him as a treeman in my woodelf army as well. It is quite fragile at the moment so I'm going to have to figure out a way to toughen it up before using it for gaming. Let me know what you think of it!

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    I need to see it further along before I can comment one way or another. Kudo's for even doing it! Scratchbuilding has always been a mystery to me. I want to try it one day.

    Keep it up, and if you need a hand or wanna use my airbrush LMK. Anything for you to help beat Carson!
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    Picked up a new LOTR plastic Ent model to dissect in order to make a convincing tree for the back since my sculpting skills aren't quite good enough for that kind of focal point. Plus I like to have some GW bits included so that I can still give them my business since it is their game I will be using it for. It is an excellent kit and has allkinds of useful bits. Unfortunately my superglue is empty so I'll have to buy another tube before I can get to work. Hopefully I'll have time sometime next week.

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    Here it is pretty much finished. There are still a few things that I want to do but I figured I should put it up and let all of you put in your suggestions for improvement. Have at it! I'm not sensitive and I know that I've got lots of room for improvement so don't sugar-coat it! If you think it is rubbish say so but give me something to improve on too.

    The tree is what I think needs the most work yet. I'd also like to do something about the eyes but I'm not a good enough sculpter to do much more that what I have.

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    I think its very good and a brave attempt tbh, I really like the detail you've put into it and the way the model looks in general. Practice makes perfect ;)

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    The stone-work looks awesome. and the moss is a nice touch

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    I think it's a really good first attempt, the stone work and moss are good - I'm not sure about the tree though, it look to much like a 'pretend' tree & not the real thing - maybe thinner? (I know that's a bit mad as were talking about a elemental)

    **but the roots are a nice touch

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    From the back it's got quite an authentic look of rock and hillside about it - but the tree does look a bit odd - it's a bit stumpy. But the coloured leaves are nice and the root trailing is a cool idea.
    There are some lovely touches on the back of the left arm with roots? painted on - these are neat.
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    Wow, that came out really good!

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    Thanks for the input everyone, I was hoping for some more criticism (my feelings won't be hurt I promise) but it is nice to hear the compliments too. I agree with the tree being too big and stumpy, in the sketches I drew up it originally just had a little crooked sapling, but I decided to try to make it a bigger tree, in the end I think it would have looked better if I had stuck to the original plan but that is ok, it isn't something I can fix easily now.

    when I use it as a treeman I'll use the story that the tree used to be a very powerful treeman until it was blasted by a cannon or burnt or something and only the stump remains. The roots were still strong and buried themselves into the rock, thus the treeman lives on in the form of a stone elemental.

    Keep the critiques coming!



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