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Thread: Remembering my friend

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    Super Wamp mercius's Avatar
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    Remembering my friend

    I found out recently that a friend of mine I served with in the Navy, passed away in the recent tornadoes in Alabama. I wanted to share a clip from a news article with you, he was a good friend and he taught me a lot about what it meant to be a good sailor.

    Ronnie McGaha
    Ronnie McGaha moved to the Harvest area a couple of years ago after retiring from the U.S. Navy. He had served 20 years, joining after high school, said his brother Maurice McGaha.
    View full sizeRonnie McGaha
    The two were years apart in age - Ronnie was 42 and Maurice was 29 - but they grew close after Ronnie came back to Alabama. The boys grew up in Muscle Shoals, where their parents, Ronnie Sr. and Emma McGaha, and Maurice still live.
    "We talked about every day," Maurice said.
    Ronnie loved music and grew up singing and playing keyboards in church. He liked to cook, specializing in ribs, which he made for his mother's birthday on April 11.
    "That was the last time he was here" in Muscle Shoals, Maurice said.
    Ronnie and his wife, Lisa, had recently remodeled their two-story Colonial-style house on Wilbanks Lane to add a shop where Lisa could work as a hairdresser, Maurice said. The family was at the house when the storm barreled down on them.
    Ronnie, Lisa, their son, Aaron, 24, and teenage daughter, Denae, were huddled under the staircase, but Denae decided to go upstairs, Maurice said.
    Ronnie heard the tornado coming. He scrambled out from under the stairs and covered Denae as "the house exploded," Maurice said. The chimney fell on top of them. Ronnie died from internal injuries. Denae was bruised but not otherwise hurt.
    "He died saving his family," Maurice said.

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    Cabana Boy Terrain tight wad's Avatar
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    My deepest sympathies to you and your friends family,Mercius.
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    Banned Wamp Guru
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    I'm sorry for your loss mate; from what I have seen on the news over here, the aftermath of a tornado is devastating and I feel for everyone effect by them.

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    Sorry to hear Mercius. I have a friend from high school currently missing.

    Seems like mother Earth is getting much more upset these days. I wonder how long until most, if not all of us meet his same fate. Almost every week there is some sort of major natural destruction and I'm getting increasingly concerned.

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    Enlightened Wamp wiccanpony's Avatar
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    sorry to hear such bad news ..........

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    My thoughts are with you, and all those affected by the tornados
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    Enlightened Wamp
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    Deepest sympathies, mercius. :(
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    Wamp Guru RogerB's Avatar
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    My sympathies, Mark. Also I hope your friend turns up safe and well, Pete.
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    Very sorry to hear about your friend Mercius.

    Also hope you have happier news about your friend Pete.

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    I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Small comfort but at least his family can remember him as the hero he was, which will help in time. The Harvest one was really bad tornado in a sea of extremely bad weather. :(


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