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Thread: Article: Easy Magnetized Bases

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    Article: Easy Magnetized Bases

    This Writer's Journey

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    Wamp Incarnate
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    Nice and easy tutorial to follow - thanks Cregan

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    Thanks, CT. My Skaven army is magnetised. I used some plasticard and rare earth magnets on the underside of the bases for them. I went that way as I wanted a strong enough pull to hold the minis on so I could transport them in my case whilst they were on the movement trays. Only problem with that scenario, I found, at least with Skaven and their tails making it difficult to rank them up (talking about the previous plastics here), that I was taking all the time I'd saved not having to set them up on the trays at the club, being used to pack them away and hence more breaking of Skaven tails. Need to rethink it a bit.



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