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Thread: Chrome's Log

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    Cabana Boy Chrome's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Karlstad, Sweden, Sweden

    Chrome's Log

    Ayup, I thought I'd get myself a log here on wamp as well, just to increase the amount of threads I need to update again. :D So, here it is!

    As my current project is trying to get some space back into my workspace I guess I should show you how it looked when I had only removed the 'important' papers, that did free up a lot though.

    It's my day off today so hopefully I'll actually update again today! :D

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    The mountain looms! That's a lot of tanks.

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    Cabana Boy Chrome's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Karlstad, Sweden, Sweden
    Yeah, I counted them and realised I've got 15 rhino hulls lying about...

    Anyway, got today off so I am finally able to both relax and clean my workspace. Here's where I'm at right now, now I'm off to grab something to eat.

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    Enlightened Wamp
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    The Black Hand of Essex
    Eek! OCD sets in...

    *must not look*

    Too late...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheProdigalGamer View Post
    You people scare me

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    ***EXTRACTED FILES 2767.2.59A***
    Chromes Log, Stardate 2546.1:
    cleaned workspace, realised I had so much miniature stuff it had evolved into a sentient resin based life form.
    'It's mini's Jim but not as we know it' exclaimed the Doctor.
    I asked McCoy what he suggested we do. 'Damn it Jim, I'm a painter not a gamer' he replied. So I slapped him with a wet fish.
    Worse was yet to come. We realised the SS Wamp had ventured towards a huge gravitational force. We were being slowly sucked in towards it.
    'Analysis Boris?'
    'Sign's indicate its Scott Radom's head Captain. I don't think we can get away from it'
    'Captain! it's growing in size' shouted Ensign Rozzer
    'Enough about the special cream you bought off the internet'
    'No Sir, not that, I mean Radom's head its getting bigger, we're being sucked in'
    I got on the coms to our Engineer 'Scotty' Iacton'
    'Scotty, can we break free?'
    'I dunna have the power cap'n' he gasped in a weird essex/scottish hybrid accent that had'nt been heard since 'Take the High Road' was on TV
    'Cap'n we're been boarded!' shouted Dysartes the alien intern from Uranus
    'Battle stations folks'

    It seems Radoms head had sent over his minions. Strange woodland creatures armed with swords and shields - they were the dreaded HISTORICAL ANIMALS!
    'NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! ' screamed Boris

    The end was night, they were closing in, there was nothing we can do to stop them.They are at the bridge, doors opening, I must try and st.........

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  6. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! NeatPete
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    How does one respond after DL's awesome post?

    Can't wait to see some more painting from you once you finish this project. You've got a ton of stuff!

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    Banned Wamp Guru
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    LMAO and how did you know about my special internet purchases!

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    Wamp Member seasonman's Avatar
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    Aug 2010
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    Tanks alot Crome that was some clean up . All the best . Good story piece DL

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    Cabana Boy Chrome's Avatar
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    Dec 2010
    Karlstad, Sweden, Sweden
    Alrighty then! As usual when I get to cleaning it doesn't take long and I get inspired, here's the start of a commission of a 'truescale-ish' marine:

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    Wamp Apostle
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    Quote Originally Posted by shanerozzell View Post
    LMAO and how did you know about my special internet purchases!
    He's obviously been observing your log
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