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Thread: Pirate Goblin & Powder Monkey- Open Fire!

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    Pirate Goblin & Powder Monkey- Open Fire!

    I feel like I put some really good work into this piece, but I feel like the picture's really letting it down, which really frustrates me since I've got a new camera and a light tent and I've been using all of War Griffon's advice. I'm not sure if I'm being overly critical or not.

    I tried some new painting things with this piece- using different colors for one thing. I also used Matt's NMM tutorial over at CMON. For the pirate's sash I used Natalya's pointalism technique to make it look like textured fabric, but it's not coming through in the pics.

    Here's the CMON Voting Link if you would like to throw me a vote.

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    Look nice, I like it. Though the water is a bit too clear for me, I would have liked to see a slight blue/green tinge to it. Great detailing though some close up shots would be nice.

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    Pretty good mate:) Like Noddy said about the water and I feel your right about the photography but the mini's look good

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    I might avoid a slightly textured background and see if a lighter blue or grey makes your colours come through a bit more.

    I think the monkey's face looks great. I'd suggest the barrel he's holding and the planks of the dock need a bit more light on the highest areas as they are a little bit uniform.

    Although the water is very clear its well poured.

    Maybe some growth or barnacles etc on the bottom of the pillars where they meet the sand where things tend to go a bit mouldy etc. I might push the dock all the way to the water's edge at the back next time as it starts after the base edge.

    Overall I like it and its well posed..the feather, the back of the jacket and the flesh look really nice.

    What did you make the planks from?

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    Well done Cregar! And voted too!
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    What did you make the planks from?
    Sculpey. I followed this tutorial from Anakron.

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    If wishes were fished we'd all cast nets. - Gurney Halleck

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    Cool, you did a good job as it doesn't look like clay.

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    Which picture looks better- the original one I posted or this one? I readjusted my lights and a few other things.
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    If wishes were fished we'd all cast nets. - Gurney Halleck

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    I think the second is better as its not as stark.

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    Agree with CS, the second one shows the transitions off better.

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