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Thread: Four A miniatures new Goblins


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    Four A miniatures new Goblins

    I thought it time to show some of the new miniatures which will be coming out this year.

    First there are five new Goblins by Kev Adams.These are going to the mould makers next week and will be going up for pre-order this weekend.

    Other miniatures that will be coming out this year include a Northern Ogre,more Sea Demon's,Dwarves get a few new pieces with more on the way too.There are also some other's which I will show nearer to release.4AGobbos.jpgGetAttachmentedfr.jpg

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    Enlightened Wamp warhammergrimace's Avatar
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    They look very nice.
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    Nice one Andy, the Goblins look great

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    Nice one. They look great.

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    Good stuff Andy, the gobbo with the nobbly hat is a must



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