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Thread: Black Orc Commission

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    It's the first time I've looked at this thread so I'm probably a bit late to make any useful comments. The skin tone is a good one for normal orcs but it seems rather light for a Black Orc. If your client likes it then I don't suppose it matters.

    If you're using ribbon greenstuff make sure you chop out and discard the bit in the middle where the two colours are joined. Any flexing in transit or storage will cause small parts of it to cure causing the lumps I can make out in your banner. Chopping this bit out will give your GS a smoother consistency.
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    I've finally fiished the regular mooks for this commission. 20 of them are exactly the same (except for one who randomly has a morningstar instead of an axe) and then there are 2 metal black orcs who are considered standard units as well. Other than basing I have to finish the command units- the leader, drummer, and standard bearer. They'll be a couple of days behind.
    I also got a new camera, so these images are much better than what I could do previously. Still working out the kinks in my settings, though.

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    Nice consistency between the models :)
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    Well, I've finally finished this commission and sent the final pics to my client for approval. The biggest part at the end was building the display tray, which was magnetized. I'm most proud of the standard, because yellows are hard to work with, and the human-skin drum. This was a fun project that I'm glad I worked on.

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