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Thread: Your (WAMP) New Year's Resolution

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    Quote Originally Posted by exilesjjb View Post
    Is this Scott talking or has some one hacked his account.

    You go big man

    My Goals for next year are both in Sept. First to get a bust commended at Euromilitaire and then the Second is to get a finalist pin at UKGD. I would guess now I also want to raise as much as I can for H4H through the Wamp Army 2011
    Good goals James!

    Yeah I really want to try out some larger stuff. I have a lot of cool big mini's that aren't even assembled. I'll probably start off with a large scale inquisitor mini to get into thte swing of things.

    I also want to get back intot he monthly comps around here too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Noddwyr View Post
    Actually finish things that i start painting. I have 5 started projected sitting on me desk and none are finished and there are several other that are ready to start. Its horrible.
    Only 5? Amateur!

    On that note I'd like to keep up my current streak of actually finishing things into the new year and beyond. I've finished 3 minis this month and none since February before that... need to keep painting or else I might slip into another 10 month hiatus...

    Btw, first post, hi all! I probably know most of you from other forums as I have this username everywhere :) I am hoping that joining in on a contest or two will help keep me motivated to keep painting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KatieG View Post
    I've finished 3 minis this month...

    I'll be lucky to paint a single figure this year or any other. If I do manage it, no one will be more shocked than I.

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    Now, for a Resolution, that's a bit more tricky. There are all the more obvious ones of not buying more than I can possibly paint and actually painting what I have whilst trying to become a better painter in the process but I think I'm going to go for something a little more fundimental. I've learned a lot in the past year but whilst I've improved (I think) technically I've lost a little bit of the joy that came with painting. I think that's happened for two reasons. I've tried to push my ability too fast and become unhappy with the results compared to my expectations and I've tried to do far too many things resulting in dissapointment at missed deadlines.

    I've ended up putting the actual painting at the end of the reading and research and it's become the weak link. I need to turn that on it's head and make the painting itself the learning experience. Against the advice of a very wise man I have allowed myself to become bound by styles, patterns, techniques and doctrine.

    So my actual resolution will be to paint with more feeling and less expectation and just see where that gets me.
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    Welcome to WAMP, KatieG :)

    For myself, I want to paint more miniatures for the tabletop this year. Been a quiet painting year for me this last year - I only managed to finish about 100 figures and I was aiming for somewhere nearer 500. Still, getting a new job in a different part of the country and relocating the family didn't really help in that regard!!

    And I must use more washes!

    Like Brett said, though, these are aims, not resolutions :)
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    First and foremost is to finish writing the Late Roman book for Solway.

    For VBCW

    finish the 20mm Cornish Socialist Army that I've started

    Paint the remainder of my 28mm bits and bobs.

    Other stuff

    Finish WoTR army
    Finish Blood Angels Army
    Finish Ancient Greeks in 20mm
    Finish ECW army
    Finish Viking army in both 28 and 20mm


    Finish the Northern Roman Empire Book for Rolemaster Rome
    Make a start of the 2nd Solway book
    Write more blog stuff
    Make a start on The Imperial Roman RPG for OMNIHEDRON GAMES's Duty and Honour system.
    Write a couple of articles for Signs & Portent; one for Clockwork and Chivalry and the other for Vikings.

    Other Hobby Stuff
    Push forward with a new venture involving Irregular Magazine
    Try and develop our readership for Irregular above the 4,800 mark per issue.

    That's pretty much it really, apart from having a ton of fun along the way. I now need to paint two units upto a really good standard in time for Salute, as I'll be involved with a participation game on the day. I've been asked to get involved with a Very British Civil War game, they're trying to rope in as many of the writers and forum members.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KatieG View Post
    Only 5? Amateur! .
    Well yeah, only been at it 8 months.
    Welcome to Wamp.
    @Keeper only 100 sheesh you put my 17 to shame.

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    - Try to finish an average of 2-3 figures per week (104-156 in total)
    - Complete painting more miniatures than I purchase (to be tracked in my sig)
    - Finish the DFRPG supplement for Irregular
    - Contribute towards the Help for Heroes thing
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    Welcome KatieG!

    Personally, I paint to disconnect from goals, deadlines, and life's general pressures. Setting that same pressure on something I do for enjoyment seems a bit masochistic


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