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Thread: Mako's new WIP of more randomness

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    jeeze, longest game of hide and seek ever!!
    Good to see your alive mate and they look nice, find the base edge quite funky and different. Are the scars freehand?
    I might be tempted to add a little green wash to some of the wood bits to break up the pallett a little from the leather but I like them all a lot
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    The GB team looks wonderful~! I love that you're back, your models are always really inspiring! The crackle effect is simply superb. I honestly mistook it for crackle medium at first.
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    Wonderful work. The results you've achieved with glazing and pre-shading make me want to try this with a Guild Ball team myself, so think I will!
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    I wasn't hiding too well, mostly it was in my own bed :P

    Ypure right, probably could have done with a bit of green on the wood, definitely on the planks as the model shadows seem to merge them together more than I expected. After making the gravel myself though, I was a bit keen to be done with the bases! (Couldn't find any I liked in the hobby shops, so I worked out a process using polyfilla, paint, a razor blade and a tea strainer...)

    Yep, the scars are freehanded in pinkish and whitish flesh over the completed skin. Wanted to add them in to match his fiction better, and it was an excuse to play with something I hadn't tried much.
    Tried to get good tonal variation between the models as Scalpel is from one country, Bonesaw another and cosset/Ghast a third. So hopefully the last two look a bit Northern European, Bonesaw more Mediterranean and Scalpel African.

    Definitely worth a try, I've had problems getting alook I like from the scalecolour stuff but this just seems to work without too much fighting :)
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