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Thread: Current projects?

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    Finishing up some Geezers "Shut It!" figures- 2 left, both with a lick of paint on them
    One last samurai- I've found after painting the first two that I don't have much fun painting them
    Three geisha girls/assassins
    Two Wuxia warriors from Black Orc
    The Venture Brothers- Brock's knife broke off so I have to replace it before starting to paint
    A Hasslefree female ninja

    A house of ill repute- Geisha/assassin headquarters
    A noodle house- headquarters for Bruce Lee and his sister
    Cherry blossom orchard
    Rice field
    Buddhist temple

    Maybe buy some Dr Who Ice Warriors as they were out of Sea Devils...

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    Man, I forgot how much I love the Typhus model. Gotta do one of them up!
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    Female frost giant
    The Wall
    Fawn and Snake
    commission piece for my son
    set of menoth
    Sibling Rivaslry
    Opps mini scene
    Naked Kev
    A hobbit scene
    dominance scene with a cmon mini
    fire horse
    a dwarf
    an old school ogre
    snotling stew
    nymphs in pool
    Wizards duel
    a mini I got from Jeremie's class
    Witch spell scene
    Dwarven brewing competition scene (huge!)
    Gates of hell (also huge with much scratch building)
    The garden

    God I really need to finish some of this stuff. Most of there things (not all) involve 2 or more minis in a story form. I'm lazy. I admit it.
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    Typhus is great. I just wish they'd done him with Pre-heresy style termy armour like in the illustrations. I had to add my own shoulder pads
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    Man, I forgot how much I love the Typhus model. Gotta do one of them up!
    He is crying out to be painted - one one of my favourite GW minis

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    OK I've cut down recently so all I have:

    WaMP goes Wyrd entry
    Some Fire Warriors for my sons Tau army
    Some basic Orks
    a regiment of Hopalites
    A Dwarvern army which I started about 20 years ago

    But then of course new competitions come up and that means new figures ;)

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    I got very bored of the Tau, so I've sacked them off for the moment. Main project at the moment is an Imperial Fist army. When that's done I've got a load of Tyranids to build and paint for my wife, and of course, the eternal project, my beloved Orks. Now if I can just stop playing Warhammer Online and Dawn of War II for long enough to paint some of them I will be very happy indeed.

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    so glad i dont paint whole armies, one mini at a time is enough for me
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    I haven't painted anything since Sunday. I've decided to have a week off and play warhammer online, then I will be all fresh and ready to rock at weekend.

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    I'm trying to work through the grey army this year, but curently

    ACW Artillery unit
    ECW musket unit
    54mm Celt
    Lord of the Rings Army (currently some cavalry)
    40mm Nap Brit Officer
    Warlord Celts
    Space Wolf Sgt and Banner Bearer.


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