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Thread: Ulrich Puchala miniatures

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    Ulrich Puchala miniatures

    I know WG bought some of these at Euro and the Puchala name has been around in minis for ages. He has a few more new ones up so thought it was a good time for a linky.

    German site but has an English button to enable some easy navigation

    Some great busts and figures in a variety of scales and periods on the site

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    Some fantastic sculpts on that site, my wishlist is groaning under the strain
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    Is that a clear plastic glass or is it extremely well painted?
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    I have the Mata Hari 1910 figure (top one) and Konigin - Queen Luise 1810

    Both are 1:10 scale resin kits.

    Beautiful detail, clean and crisp casts.

    Shame Forgeworld can't do the same when they say they cast to oder and then send you crap with mold slip and charge you more than anybody else producing resin figures.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Undave View Post
    Is that a clear plastic glass or is it extremely well painted?
    I believe its a clear cast as the other photo of it also has one.

    Agree with WG too..the standard of casting from this and other firms is much higher than FW's.



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