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Thread: GW boxed set contents preview


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    GW boxed set contents preview

    Over on warseer, some pics of the new box set contents.

    More here including a nice looking eagle mini for the HEs,

    Some interesting looking minis.

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    look good to me
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    Enlightened Wamp warhammergrimace's Avatar
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    I actually like the rat ogres, very nice.
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    Hmmm, that ain't too bad! GW is doing some cool things with plastic. I like those Rat Ogres much better than the current ones.
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    None too shabby - like the rats & elves. If the price is about 50 (which It seems to be from that Warseer link) then could be a (whisper it) Good on GW moment!

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    Wamp Apostle
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    Bwaaahhh! Now those are better Rat Ogres!
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    Super Wamp
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    Totally lovin' the rat ogres. The proportions look great, very fierce.
    The High elves look a bit like the current models, I like those but it could use some variety. The eagle is great though, but thinking about painting all those feathers...pfff!

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    Depending on price I am thinking of getting one and split the contents round us WAMPERs for a box set painting people fancy that? I only want a few of the models so it would make me feel better about buying it.

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    Some nice looking models in there, especially the rat-ogres and the HE hippogriff. At 50 I'll probably ask my son if he fancies getting them but more than that and I think I'll pass.

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    Super Wamp Simon.W's Avatar
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    A very nice looking lot of miniatures for the new boxed set and i may even buy one of these when it gets released and get around to finishing off my high elves one day along with ........
    It will probably snow in the desert before that happens .
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