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Thread: Laugh

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    "I lOVE your attitude Wag - painting for the hell of it, because you want to - one of the best things I did was invite you over here as to me you invoke the wamp spirit perfectly." - thankyou DL !

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    how gullible some people are is very funny!!!

    this is real life my ex wife and my Mam.

    well we all know how melted cheese can burn if contacted on skin right?


    One night Myself and My mate were in our house and we were watching Platoon!! well My wife at the time says does anyone want some cheese on toast!!

    we both said yes!! so after it was made we carried on chatting and I said to my wife when they ran out of napalm to put in bombs in vietnam they put boiling cheese in the bombs and dropped them on the viet-cong!! my mate being just as daft as me said they also use boiling mushy peas!!

    My ex wife turned to us and said Really? wow I bet that hurt!!! LMFAO how Gullible is that!!

    well Ya know when the sun goes down and its really orange/red and looks huge? same person! I told her it was Mars!! and once again "is it really wow thats really close" LOL numpty

    I told my Dad what I had said and he said he had said it to my Mam and she said exactly the same! lol silly Mother lol

    well!! in the UK there is a city called Manchester im sure most everyone on the plant knows that!! well near Manchester is a town called Sale...

    My Dad is driving on the motorway near Manchester and my Mam looks out of the window and turns to my Dad and says "I wonder how much they are selling that road for?" My Dad puzzled looks at my Mam and says "What?" My Mam says "that road back there is for sale" Dad looks at Mam bewildered and says " Its the road For Sale, The road ya have to take to get to the Town Sale ya silly sod" lmao!!

    This next one is just My Mam not getting a town name right!

    I went to my Parents one weekend and My Mam says "We have had such a lovely day out just me and ya Dad" I said "where did ya go?" My Mam says "Brighton" Now Baring in mind this was 6.30pm We live in the north east of England near Middlesbrough and Brighton is south coast of England! to drive it it would take between 6 to 8 hours on a steady run!! I stood there confused!! " you have been to Brighton? what time did ya set off?" My Mam says " About 9am" Again I said " Brighton?" in a very confused state!! " Yes Son it was lovely nice and sunny" again "Brighton?" "Yes we had fish n chips and a cuppa and a walk about" I said "Brighton and Back with dinner and a walk about and your home for 6.30?" I looked over at My Dad and said "Brighton?" Dad looks up at me from behind his News paper and says one word "Bridlington" and Disappears behind his paper!!

    Bridlington is a seaside town 1.5hours drive from my Parents house lol

    My Mam bless her just falls about laughing "Oh Yeah Bridlington""

    I said to my Dad " some nifty Driving to get to Brighton and back in 9 n half hours!!

    My Dad just looks at me and Shakes his head in amazement lol

    thats just a few of the silly things that happen in my family!! Mental the lot of em lol

  3. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! jkn
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    Normski, you make me happy!
    Overly obsessed with: Perry Samurai, Red Box Games Dwarves, Ral Partha, and Dragons.

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    Lol John Thats just the crazy goings on in my family!! Never a dull moment!! It got to thenpoint were Me Dad and my Bro just used to say stuff to see if they beleived us lol quite funny really!! If they were strangers I would call them dumbasses but I think it more that we are evil genii lol

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    I don't know if this has been posted before, but it made me smile - LINKY (language warning)
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheProdigalGamer View Post
    You people scare me

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    How to confuse a complete tool!!!

    send him to a shovel store and tell him to take his pick!!!


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