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Thread: Mousekillers Ogre Kingdom

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    Mousekillers Ogre Kingdom

    Here is the 500 (497) point Ogre Kingdoms Army list:
    Ogre Bruiser (w/heavy armour, great weapon) = 142 points
    6 Orge Bulls (w/ cmd grp, ironfist, light armour, lookout) = 313 points
    20 Gnoblars (w/ groinbiter) = 42 points

    So, here is some background:
    Galf Tradebasher, a ruthless ogre with a ruthless reputation, has settled on robbing caravans on the great trade route that travels from the old world to far Cathay. He and his band of Basher's have made quite the life for themselves, growing somewhat wealthy off the spoils.

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    Ok, so this is my final take on tattoo's before we either keep them, or get rid of them completely. Please chime in and weigh your opinion. I am going to try and finish him up by the end of tomorrow if possible, as I am packing a travel paint kit to take with me for the next few weeks (I will be on the road for a bit)...

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    Alright, I am guilty, skin is in this week. Did the skin on the ogre tyrant... I will likely go back in and do some blue and red shading in some places (eyes, lips... maybe a cut here and there)...

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    Enlightened Wamp exilesjjb's Avatar
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    flesh is good the tats not doing it for me look more like war paint, feel it takes away from what is very good flesh.

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    Well, I figured it was about time to give an update on these guys. Obviously there is still A LOT of work to do, but any suggestions are appreciated.
    I have decided to use the empire skull as a stolen motif for the unit, though it will get a bit of modification as it nears completion, to better suit the ogres...

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    I think if you want a tatoo look and less of a warpaint look you could try a thin glaze or two of the base flesh tone. That might work.
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    i personally like the tatts. keep em'

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    Wamp Guru RogerB's Avatar
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    Scott's got it right. Glazes of the flesh tone over the tats. At the moment they look like they're painted on the skin (yes I know they are, on the mini) instead of in the skin.
    The eyes!, the EYES!!

    ...tapping fingers impatiently...

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    As the others have mentioned, a thin flesh glaze will help to "sink" the tattoos into the flesh instead of onto it. The other thing to my eye is the relatively wide lines you've gone with. In my head that seems more "warpaint-y" and less "tattoo-y". Obviously personal opinion here!

    Really diggin' that tyrant, btw. He's got great attitude.

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    Ok, question time. I did another ogre up and gave him dark brown tatoos... so he is stacked up next to blue tatoo guy. Which tats do you think are better?

    Wampers: I hit the blue with a wash, and did the new guy to show a different color. Preference?


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