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Thread: Brother Vinni's studio

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    Brother Vinni's studio

    Hi all! I want to present you a line of miniatures from Brother Vinni’s studio. In general we design historical and fantasy minis in 28- and 54-mm scales, but there are sci-fi characters too. Also we create custom-built figures in different scales. Now you can see some of our minis:

    Spanish Soldier, 28 mm

    Captive girl, 28 mm

    Imperial hand-gunner, 28 mm


    Plague Doctor

    Our web-site is
    You can bye any of miniatures painted or unpainted. Please write a letter to if you interesting in order unpainted minis.

    Kind regards, Brother Vinni

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    Thanks for the intro. I download the catalogue..... there's a lot of women suffering from a lack of clothing.

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    can I get the second in a 1/1 scale?

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    Veronika, 28mm miniature, resin casting:

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    I like some of your models but the naked woman who apparently has lost all her clothes but kept a shoulder mounted weapon is just a case of priorities all wrong and not just on her part I am afraid. I know this is designed for a market of people who like naked boobs and rocket launchers but is that market really that big? I find it a bit..well sad really.

    Anyway, the little chap in the stripy Landsknect trousers is good but the breasts..well its a flooded market.

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    Ack. I gotta agree with CS, sorry Vinni. You can obviously sculpt well, but the females really show poor form and proportion, which is really important to get right if you wish to be taken seriously when sculpting nudes.

    Your armature and musculature work looks like it needs a bit of adjusting - they have very short shins and the ankles are far too bulky. Thighs are too big also (particularly the quads), and you have a tendency to not 'pinch in' enough in around the joints (like behind the knees). I suspect this is because you bulk out too much initially maybe.

    On a different note, the non-nudes are much better. :)

    Good luck with them though mate. :)

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    Armoured Diver, 32mm figure produced for "Antimatter Games":

  10. Loving your work These users all liked this awesome post:: countersunk81,shanerozzell,Ulfgrimr,Vern
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