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Thread: Brother Vinni's studio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Sprout View Post
    I like some of your models but the naked woman who apparently has lost all her clothes but kept a shoulder mounted weapon is just a case of priorities all wrong and not just on her part I am afraid. I know this is designed for a market of people who like naked boobs and rocket launchers but is that market really that big? I find it a bit..well sad really.
    Really have to agree with this. Aside from a small number of fourteen year-olds, the boobies will really not be appreciated by most collectors.

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    Whats wrong with you all...its boobies for goodness sake! :D
    "Keep your brush wet and our humour dry."

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    Hi all!
    I sculpted some sisters. Commission, not for sale.

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    Pillory Girl.
    Heroic 28mm scale, resin casting. Sculpted and casted by Brother Vinni's studio.

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    Hi all!
    we release Harem Dancers - 3 female miniatures depicts cute harem girls dancing.
    28 mm, resin casting, as usual.

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  7. Loving your work This user likes what you had to say. Good on Ya! NeatPete
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    Hi all!
    Three armed egyptian girls.
    28 mm, resin casting.

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    Hi all! Continuing my "Female Brigade" series.
    Female Standard Bearer. Or "topless photomodel posing for imperial army pinup calendar" :)
    28 mm, resin casting.

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    Hi all!
    Female Military Spacialist - new miniature by Brother Vinni.
    as usual: 28 mm, resin casting.

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    Hi all!
    Welcome the continuation of "Nuclear Sandlot" series: Mountain Horror!
    50 mm tall monster. Especially pay attention on additional head and tail :)


    and master-model:


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